Zhang Yiming

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Name: Zhang Yiming

Country: China

Date of birth: April 1983

Education: Bachelor’s in Software Engineering from Nankai University in 2005

Type of business: Internet Entrepreneur

Main Achievements: After his first startup failed, Zhang did not give up, but he stood back up and founded his first successful company, 99fang.com. He gave up his company after two years to launch a more prominent company, ByteDance. In 2019, Zhang also made his name in the Forbes list twice, which is a significant accomplishment for business people.  

Something interesting about the person: The meaning behind his name is astounding everyone with at the first attempt.


Yiming was born in April, in the year 1983, in Longyan, China. He initially went to Nankai University to pursue the field of microelectronics, but he later switched to Software Engineering and graduated with its degree in 2005. Also, he met his wife at the same university.

After he graduated from university, he secured a job in a company called Kuxun in 2006. It was a small company he joined, where he worked as the first engineer and got promoted to technical director in a year. Within one year of his practical life, he was pressurized to learn swiftly as he was suddenly made in charge of 40 to 50 people. It was something he never had to do before, but he managed to work his way through it. He worked there another year before he left his job in search of a better opportunity. Zhang accomplished a job for Microsoft in 2008, where he worked for a while and quit it soon as well, for he thought the company’s rules were smothering his creativity.

Leaving Microsoft, Zhang soon established his business startup. Although this startup failed to make it in the long run, Zhang did not let it discourage him, and he got right up by starting another company called 99fang.com. He remained CEO of his company for about two years until it secured and then left it to a professional manager to take over. He went to search for a more excellent opportunity, which turned out to be ByteDance. 

Zhang Yiming found ByteDance in 2012, its first project being Toutiao, a news aggregator. Even though Toutiao focuses mainly on the news, Zhang claims they have no journalists in his staff. ByteDance’s most significant and widespread project, though, was a video-sharing platform called TikTok (the original name being Douyin), having more than a billion downloads since September 2016. Zhang claimed that for a long time, he did not use his app, TikTok until he felt the need to doing so to know the technical problems users might be facing. So now, he makes all his employees use the app and share videos on it, deciding a goal to reach several likes. If the said goals are not met, Zhang will punish employees with pushups. 

ByteDance also introduced several networking applications that operate within China; in the year 2019, he launched FlipChat and Duoshan, which was an app for video-messaging.

Though he left his first successful company in the hands of another manager, he did not yet leave ByteDance, owning to its full responsibility. As of now, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world. Zhang achieved his name to be on the Forbes list as of 2019 twice. He was listed to be the number ten on the Forbes’ richest people in China in 2019, and number 70 on the Billionaires of 2019.

Zhang shares his experiences in Kuxun with his employees on occasional speeches to motivate them to do their best. He gives credit to his first job there for his sales skills. With his strong work ethic, he has shown the world that with hard work and dedication, you can reach the extremes and can become whoever you want to be. He is an inspiration to millions out there who strive to reach their potential. Zhang not only works logically, many times, but he also follows his instincts, which mostly come out to be right. 


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