Zhang Jindong

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Name: Zhang Jindong 

Country: China

Date of birth: March 1963

Education: Bachelors of Arts

Type of Business: Retail 

Main Achievements: Zhang Jindong is the chairperson of one of the largest e-commerce businesses and retailers of appliances in China. His private company, Suning Holdings, acquires 61% of PPTV that is a digital television network. In 2016, the firm also acquired 70% stakes of F.C. Inter Milan for a sum of $300 million. In 2018, Suning Sports Media Group accumulated a total of $600 million through A-round financing. He appeared on the Forbes Billionaires List of 2020. The business tycoon also made it to the China Rich List of 2019. His net worth is estimated to be $87 million, as of 2020. 

Something interesting about Zhang Jindong: He has strong philanthropic inclinations as well as is an advocate of environmental protection. However, he is a supporter of imposing taxes on online retailers.


Zhang Jindong, a renowned Chinese businessman, was born in the Chinese province of Anhui in 1963. He has earned a degree in Chinese literature from Nanjing Normal University. Zhang’s son, Zhang Kangyang, is a board member of Inter Milan despite Zhang Jindong himself not being a part of the board. Kanyang, also known as Steven, was appointed as the chairperson of Inter Milan in the year 2018. He is also the owner of 10% shares in Suning Real Estate. 

Zhang Jindong’s journey began with establishing a shop that traded air conditioners and other similar products with his brother in Nanjing. He derived the name ‘Suning’ from Jiang-su and Ning-hai, which were names of the roads where the shop was situated. After some time, Zhang Guiping, Jindong’s brother, withdrew from their conjoint business and set out to run Suning Universal, a real estate company. It was soon that Jindong decided to establish his real estate company too. The enthusiastic entrepreneur hence laid the foundations of Suning Real Estate. 

Jindong’s entrepreneurial journey continued, and he expanded his small shop to an enormous collection called the Suning Group. It took him 15 years to establish his large business. He further diversified his incredible empire by co-founding Suning Appliance Group and Suning Holdings Group. However, these were the unlisted parts of his conglomerate. Suning Commerce Group was the only company listed in his empire. The business tycoon was numbered ninth on the Hurun Report of China Rich List in 2013. He then had an estimated net worth of 6.4 billion. Moreover, he was numbered 28th on the Forbes China Rich List in 2015. His remarkable achievements and acknowledgment of his work validate his acumen. 

Zhang Jindong’s exceptional business design makes a substantial contribution to the economic development of China. The progress is now evident in the country’s political models. He was also nominated for a senior government body, the National Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of Chinese People. He served to represent the ‘new class,’ which was a term that means to appoint owners, technologists, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers in the private domain, and employees of the intermediary organizations. It also includes technical and managerial staff appointed in foreign-capital organizations. 

Jindong’s company, Suning.com, is known to be one of the most prosperous non-state retailers of China. The head company quarter is situated in Nanjing. Suning network is expanded over 700 cities, with nearly 1600 outlets operating nationwide. Moreover, it is counted among the three leading business-to-customer companies in China. The company trades physical merchandise, which includes 3C products, home appliances, books, household commodities, baby care items, and cosmetics, etc. In 2004, Suning.com appeared on the list of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Furthermore, Jindong’s enthusiasm for philanthropic activities keeps him driven to donate. He gave a sum of approximately 85 million Yan in charity in 200.