Yang Huiyan

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Name: Yang Huiyan

Country: China

Date of birth: 09.01.1981

Education: Bachelor of Arts/Science, Ohio State University

Type of business: Real Estate and Entrepreneurship 

Main Achievements: He is one of Asia’s wealthiest women, China’s youngest billionaire in 2018, Co-owner of Country Garden Holdings, Chair of Bright Scholar Education Holdings, owns a stake of the company Foshan, Yang was ranked 38th richest person with an estimated net worth of $ 24.9 billion. She also an Entrepreneur alongside being a writer, creative director.

Something interesting about the person: Yang Huiyan is happily married to a man she met on a blind date in 2004, a son of a top Chinese official.


In 1981, Yang Huiyan was born in the district of Guangdong, China, during the midst of a massive urbanization boom. From a very young age that is her early teen years, Yang Huiyan attended meetings at the office of her family company. Country Garden Holdings was founded in 1992, and Yang took every chance and opportunity to learn as much as she could from the company. The company, Country Garden Holdings, was in simple terms, a real estate company that mainly worked on the management of residential areas and hotels in different cities in China. The company, however, is not only limited to management; it deals with the construction, fitting and decoration, property management, and hotel operations under the shareholding of Yang Huiyan. Only a few years out of University and barely at the age of 23, Yang was taken under the wings of the family company, Country Garden Holdings. She was hired by her father to work as a personal assistant to her father; as he tried to prepare her for taking over the company after him and learn the working of the company and how real estate works. She worked on the projects and activities such as development strategies, investment planning, and project planning as she got more used to working in real estate development. In 2005 the billionaire Yang Huiyan inherited the father’s stake of the company after the death of her older brother, getting a chance to prove her worth and talents in the world of entrepreneurship and real estate. In 2006, she acquired the remaining stakes from the other three co-founders, finally getting comfortable with running the company. The majority of Yang’s wealth is from the 58 % stake of Country Garden Holdings. Other than this Real Estate Housing company, she is also the chairperson of Bright Scholar Holdings, which is the company that aims to bring International education to China. Education is something that is a repressible replaceable and utmost importance in Yang Huiyan’s opinion, and her degree in marketing and logistics from the Ohio State University is a proof. Receiving her degree, she encourages students to get their International degrees and become successful professionals

 When it comes to the public life of Yang Huiyan, she is an extremely private person, and little is known about her life.

She has to maintain her status of being one of the richest women in China for a streak of 7 years. In addition to this, Yang Huiyan is the youngest person, who at the age of 25, became one of the richest women in China and Asia. Not only this, but she is also a part of Forbes’s most luxurious people Magazine issue ranking at 38 in 2020, her estimated net worth being approximately 24.9 hours. Yang is no newcomer to this field as she has been maintaining such titles since 2007 after her firm started to trade with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Yang is indeed to catch up with the best of the bests soon, ready to enjoy the perks of being one the wealthiest people ever as well as one of the top businesswomen to grace the mundane soil of Earth.