Xu Shihui

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Name: Xu Shihui

Country:  china

Date of birth: 1958

Type of business:  food and beverages

Main Achievements: 

Xu is number 169 globally on Forbes richest list and number 24 on china’s 100 richest lists.

Something interesting about the person:

Xu works daily and hopes his working patterns inspire others to work as hard as he does especially managers


Born in 1958, Xu came from a very humble background where his father was a laborer at the Dali food group. After completing his education and working for a while at Fujian Dali, he then became the chairman of the company in 1992 and has been in control of it quite a while.in 2014; he became the chairman of Dali food groups as well. Due to his position at Dali and his hard work he is considered to be one of China’s richest men. He also has his own company known as Divine Foods from where he and his family have gained ownership of almost 80% shares in the Dali food industry. He is also credited for reaching the sales of the company to almost 7 billion yuan as well. 

Initially Xu had started in the cookie business and later came on to working at Dali and is currently in charge of almost 120 food brands. His company deals in snacks, beverages and various food items.