Xi Jinping

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Name: Xi Jinping

Country: China 

Date of birth: 15: 06: 1953

Education: Bachelor in Art and science, Studied Chemical engineering from the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Jurisprudence doctor from Tsinghua University.

Type of business: President of China 

Main Achievements: Communists party of China’s General secretary. Chairperson of (CMC) central military command. Entitled with leadership core in the year 2016 from the (CPC). Xi Jinping has been the member of top decision-making body of China, known as politburo standing committee. He’s the paramount leader of the world’s most populated nation. At number one of the most powerful people in the world by Forbes in the year 2018.  

Something interesting about the person: Xi Jinping’s got rejected nine times by the Communists party of china. However, he was selected at the tenth attempt. 

Biography: Xi Jinping took birth in Beijing, China on 15th June, 1953. Xi Zhongxun is the father of Xi, who served several posts in the Chinese government. He worked as party propaganda chief, vice chairman of National’s people congress, and vice-premier. Xi Jinping started his education in the Beijing 101 middle school, the education was soon terminated because of the cultural revolution in china where students and teachers were in great chaos. In the blood bath of the cultural revolution, the sister of Xi Jinping was also killed by some student militants. During this revolution, Xi Jinping faced a lot of troubles as his father was denounced by his mother through force. In these hard times, Xi Jinping’s father was thrown to prison and he was sent to a village where he experienced rural life and also lived in a cave. However, Xi Jinping ran to Beijing where he was arrested and forced to dig ditches in a work camp. He strived to join the Communists party of China (CPC) but was rejected nine times, it was the tenth attempt when he got the acceptance. Once, he got selected in the (CPC), Xi Jinping studied the subject of chemical engineering as a work peasant soldier student at the Tsinghua University in Beijing. In the year 1979, he started climbing in his career as he started serving as secretary of various high-profile leaders. In this duration, Xi Jinping had a two-weeks trip to America to study US agriculture, the trip was said to be very influential for him. Xi Jinping also served in four different provinces. This was the polishing time of his career. Soon after some years, Xi Jinping attained great recognition in the Communists party of China. He wasn’t admired in the central committee as few votes come to his fate. In the year 1998, he studied ideological education and Marxist theory in Beijing. Soon after the completion of his studies governor of Fujian. In this province, Xi Jinping implementing his expertise and fetched investment from Taiwan and improved the economy of the province. Not only, Fujian but also uplifted the province of Zhejiang with massive economic development. After a few years in the regional politics, Xi Jinping started serving in the top decision-making body in China as he became the member of politburo standing committee. In the year 2008, Xi gained the seat of vice-president of China. Once he was elected as the vice-president, the country witnessed development in the economical sectors and as well as foreign relations. Xi Jinping conducted multiple tours during his time-period as a vice-president, he went to various continents of the world in just eight days of June 2008. It was the 15th of November 2012 when Xi Jinping marked himself as the general secretary of the CPC and also the central military commission’s chairperson.  Later after a year, on the 14th of March, 2013, Xi Jinping became the 7th president of China. He is also known as the president of most populated country in the world. Soon became the most powerful man on the planet according to the rankings of Forbes 2018.