Wu Yajun

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Name: Wu Yajun 

Country: China 

Date of birth: In the year 1964

Education: Degree of Navigation Engineering from Northwest polytechnical University.

Type of business: Entrepreneur and Journalist 

Main Achievements: Chairman and co-founder of Longfor properties and former CEO of this company. Former Journalist and editor. The richest self-made woman in the world.  

Something interesting about the person: Wu Yajun has experienced a versatile career; she attained an engineering degree then worked as a journalist, later excelled in the business of real-estate.  

Biography: The billionaire woman “Wu Yajun” took birth in the year 1964. She is recognized as the richest self-made woman in the world. Wu Yajun is the chairperson and co-founder of Longfor properties; she also served as the CEO of this particular company. Wu Yajun belonged to an ordinary family of Chongqing. After she chooses the path of education, she graduated by studying navigation engineering from the University of Northwestern Polytechnical University in the year 1984. She started her career in the year 1984 when she is starting serving the Qianwei Meter Factory. The billionaire woman served in this factory for almost four years; the experience at this factory was the initial factor for developing her mind as a progressive woman.

However, Wu Yajun started working as a journalist at China Shirong News Agency in the year 1988. In this news agency, she also served as an editor for quite some time. She worked in the news agency for five years, at that time construction bureau of Chongqing Municipal Government controlled the newspaper. This institute worked promisingly to make the future real-estate business of Wu Yajun prominent in the country and worldwide. She speeded her real estate industry network by utilizing this her experience in the news agency. It was the year 1995 when Wu and her businessman husband Cai Kui fond the real estate company and named it as Chongqing Zhongjianke Real estate company limited. The starting investment in the company was 10 million Yuan. After some time, the company’s name was modified to Longfor properties, by which it is recognized until now. Wu Yajun named her hard work and dedication to the company, which became the reason for the immense growth of Longfor properties. The real estate company marked the steps in cities like Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Dalian, and Changzhou in no time. In the mean-time, Wu became an alumni member of a business school in the year 2007. As the company was on its rise, it became prominent in Hong Kong and the Stock Exchange in the year 2009. There were several investors like Ping An Insurance and Temasek Holdings, who invested in the real estate company of Wu Yajun.

When the company was enjoying its peak, Wu and her husband divorced in the year 2012. This was the reason for Wu losing her status as the richest woman in china, as her husband had a 30% stake in the Longfor Properties. However, the wealth of Wu Yajun is supervised an astonishing firm known as Wu capital. The investment in Uber and Evernote is also made by Wu capital. The company cherishes excellent success as in the year 2017, approximately 300 million people visited the shopping malls of Longfor properties. She currently has 26316 employees in her real estate company. Longfor properties have built offices, markets, residential areas, luxury hotels, and many restaurants. Due to her versatile personality and years of hard work, Wu Yajun attained high rankings in the world of billionaires. She has enjoyed the position of third-richest woman in china and also the number one self-made billionaire in the world. However, she was dragged down to number 17th in the list of Chinese richest, according to Forbes 2019. In the year 2012, Wu gained the position of the richest woman in China and the fifth richest among all genders. She marked herself among the top 50 powerful women on earth list by Forbes in 2013, with the net worth of US$ 4.4 Billion.