Wang Xing

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Name:  Wang Xing

Country: China     

Date of birth: 18th February 1979 

Education: Bachelors in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University, a drop-out from Ph. D. program in the same field from University of Delaware, honorary Masters in electronic engineering from University of Delaware

Type of business: self-made entrepreneur, CEO of Meiutan Dianping organization, and various other start-ups as well.

Main Achievements:

Wan Xiang is a Chinese entrepreneur and self-made billionaire. He has led a very eventful life up until now. He has been working hard to be such a young, successful person as he is now. He is now the owner of a net worth of around 8.3 billion dollars USD. His enormous success has been paved along the way by numerous setbacks and failures. But he never lost the inspiration to be the absolute best version of himself and work his way up to become one of the most top-rated professionals and entrepreneurs of the Chinese empire. He is a man well known for his nerves of steel and strong determination. His whole life story tells us the worth of the proverb “try, try again.” Wang Xiang had launched several start-ups that failed, before his Meiutan one stuck and bought him immense success. He has also turned towards public speaking and is continually urging young university students to go out and dapple in the field of entrepreneurship in their own limited right. He is a very well-spoken, motivational speaker. And rightfully so, considering his path to success. He was a university drop-out, who eventually became a billionaire, and this feat was achievable only because he had a very risk-taking and endearing personality. A can-do attitude is still taking him places even today. At merely 40 years of age, he is already a well-set billionaire, and his journey has only begun.

Something interesting about the person: 

Wang Xiang is a university drop-out and that too from the prestigious University of Delaware. He dropped out, keeping in mind only the inspiring story of Facebook’s creator Mark His first, and then the second start-up company never really took off and left him with more questions than answers


Wang Xiang was born in the Fujian province of China, in the city of longyan. Ever since his childhood, he wanted to be a successful entrepreneur. 

His first ever site, an alternative to Friendster, called Duoduoyou, failed to consolidate any worth whatsoever. On his third attempt, when he finally made Xiaonei (on-campus) as he put on the path to success. He sold this company and proceeded to create another start-up known as Fanfou or a Chinese version of twitter. However, it had to be shut down due to the misuse of the platform. However, in 2010, he finally came through with his crowning achievement, the Meiutan e-commerce company that later on merged with Dianping, to form the mutual Meiutan-Dianping company.  But he was a persistent person with the idea of finally getting it right any one of these days. He finally struck gold during his third endeavor, when he launched a social app, a counterpart or alternative to the US’s Facebook. His targeted audience was Chinese students in various universities and colleges. His application amassed tens of thousands of followers in a short time, showing the true potential of his application. However, he eventually had to sell the software to higher authorities because of some financial complications on his part. He was able to make a fortune out of his third start-up, which propelled him to launch his next start-up almost soon afterward. This time, he came up with software, which was an alternative to twitter. Soon, however, his site had to be shut down due to some government policies of misuse of the platform. He never gave up even after that, and continued forward, with quite a lot of experience under his belt, to get a perfect application that would earn him the recognition he deserves. In 2018, Xing was at number 37 in the Forbes China Rich List. He was also listed number three on the Forbes 2018 “40 under 40” list.