Wang Wenyin

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Name: Wang Wenyin 

Country: China

Date of Birth: 1st January 1968

Education: Graduate 

Type of Business: Industrial

Main Achievements: CEO of Amer International Group, comes at number 125 on Global Billionaires’ list by Forbes, at number 295 on Global 500 list by Fortune and number 163 amongst Top 200 Billionaires of the Year, also declared as the eighth wealthiest man in China by Forbes, Fortune magazine named him as one of China’s most influential and creative business leader, owns world’s largest mining field.

Something interesting about the person: He is interested in Philosophy and has learned the Chinese classic of primitive times, Tao Te Ching. He is also fond of reading books and finishes reading a hundred books in a year.


Famous by the name, “China’s Prince of Copper,” Wang Wenyin was born in Anhui, a province in China. Wang has an exciting story to tell a story from rags to riches. He was not the son of any famous entrepreneur who happened to have his share of his father’s business. In fact, Wang belonged to a very poor family. When he won a literature prize in his school, he did not even have enough money to make a suite. The fabric wasn’t enough, and he couldn’t make a pocket out of his suit for the ceremony. The suite was very tight and uncomfortable. There were times when Wang had to sleep in a cement pipe. He acquired his education from one of China’s most eminent universities, Nanjing University. After his graduation, he went to Sichuan Radio and TV University. Before becoming one of China’s wealthiest people, he was a teacher. He used to teach electronics and mechanics in Technical Training School in the year 1997. After that, he worked as a manager in a warehouse. Being a man of vision and goals, this was a trivial job for Wang, and he was not satisfied with his job or his life. As a result, he quit his job and took his first step into the world of entrepreneurs by establishing his own business of power cord in rural China. Wang was a bit nonconformist as he did not want all the business to be run by the government officials. He wanted to build his own future, a fortune he can have pride upon. Hence he started working on the company and slowly introduced it into the international market, especially into the fields of import-export, trade, and fur. With his hard work, Wang established the company into Amer International Group, an industry that produces cable, copper, and non-ferrous materials. Wang is the owner of 99 percent of the company and is its current chairman. He founded Amer Semiconductor in the year 2011. The company also started manufacturing traditional sculptures and statues after three years, from marble extracted from its own mine. Wang is a creative genius who has used the right tactics for his company’s growth. The company has flourished and satisfied the customers due to its high-quality products and suitable rates produced from the best resources. Wang plans on setting up the company in other countries as well. He decided to set up his company in Singapore, and he did so in the year 2014. The company trades metals there and also purchases mining assets. Due to the effort, Wang put in his company, Amer International Group is China’s most valuable company in the present day. The company, having its own mines and factories, has accomplished a high revenue from the past two decades. The company currently has fifteen thousand employees and owns the most significant mining fields in the world. Wang believes that a good entrepreneur has to be a good philosopher as well, which is why he shows great interest in ancient Chinese classic, Tao Te Ching. He believes that the philosophy and wisdom of Tao Te Ching can be applied to anyone, no matter what country they are from. He has read the book three hundred times, and every year Wang reads a hundred books. Currently, he lives in Shenzhen, China with his wife and three children having a net worth of eight billion dollars.