Wang Jianlin

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Name: Wang Jianlin 

Country: China 

Date of birth: 24.10.1954 

Education: Liaoning University 

Type of business: Entrepreneur and Real Estate Company  

Main Achievements: Chinese billionaire businessman, Founder, and owner of China’s largest real estate company known as Dalian Wanda Group. 15% owner of the well-known football club “Atletico Madrid.” He’s also the founder of the world’s biggest movie theater operator—the richest man in China for years.  

Something interesting about the person: Wang Jianlin belongs to the family of warriors, as his father fought during the long march for the Mao Zedong’s People’s liberation army. The richest person in china from the year 2015 to 2017. Wang worked in the Chinese military for sixteen years, in the time period of 1970 to 1986. After leaving the army, Wang Jianlin started the real estate business in 1989. Not only this, but Wang Jianlin also served his expertise in the Communists party of china as a deputy to the 17th National Congress. 

Biography: Wang Jianlin was born in Guangxi county, Sichuan, China, on 24th October 1954. Like his father, Wang Jianlin also spent sixteen years in the People’s liberation army. However, after leaving it in the year 1986, he worked as general manager of Xigang Residential development. In two years, Wang Jianlin served at multiple designations like an assistant to the regional manager, assistant regional manager. He also cherished the designation of the director in Jiangsu Jiangnan Water Company. Wang Jianlin became the chairperson of Dalian Wanda Group in the year 1988.  Before indulging himself in the real-estate business, he also served in the Communists party of china as deputy to the 17thnational congress. 

The company of Wang Jianlin owns approximately 21.75 million of investment property, which is immense in numbers. The property includes 168 Wanda shopping malls, 213 Cinemas, 99 department stores, 82 luxury hotels, and 54 karaoke in all over the country. The company entitled itself as the world’s largest theatre owner in the year 2012, in this year, the company took over AMC theaters. The deal with AMC theaters of the USA was done for US$2.6 billion. The company slowly speeded its feet all around the world, as it bought buildings in countries like Spain also. Dalian Wanda groups also spread the business in London, New York, and even India. The year 2014 became very special for the company, as it planned to develop the world’s largest studio pavilion with an underwater stage. Wang Jianlin also built American headquarters for his entertainment company, named as One Beverly hills. 

The company of Chinese Wang Jianlin has roots all over the USA, as it owns legendary entertainment, AMC Entertainment Holdings, and many more. Wang Jianlin is a man with severe discipline; he makes sure that work is done properly in the office, and nothing is comprised. Even the violation of the dress code is not bearable in the company’s workplace. Apart from the real estate business and army background, Wang Jianlin holds a great stance in the region of politics. Wang Jianlin is a significant member of the Communists party of China. However, he is not fond of playing politics, but he makes sure that his attachment to the government of China is sustainable. Wang Jianlin also released his book named “The Wanda way” in this book, the philosophies and the values of the company are written. Wang Jianlin has also involved himself in a fight with Disney in the year 2016. He demanded Magic kingdom not to do business in his country. Wang Jianlin has been listed in the list of billionaires for quite some years. He was also ranked as 128th richest person in the world, according to Forbes, with a net worth of US$8.6 billion. He was known as the richest person in China for the year 2013, with the net worth of US$ 14.2 billion. Well, Wang Jianlin didn’t stop down here; the net worth rose to US$ 22 billion later.