Tsung Dao Lee

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Name: Tsung Dao Lee

Country:  Shanghai (China)

Date of birth:  November 24, 1926

Education:  PhD

Type of business: Physicist 

Main Achievements:  He won a Noble Prize in the year 1957

Something interesting about the person: Lee got married to his classmate, Hui Chung chan, while they were both students at the University of Chicago. He has two sons named Stephen and James.


Tsung Dao Lee is known to be a physicist by birth, who has his specialization in energy and matter.  Lee is 93 years old and was born on November 24, 1926, and was born in China (Shanghai). Lee was the third child born to Tsing Kong Lee and Ming-Chang chang. Lee had four brothers and one sister. Tsing Kong Lee was known to be a merchant by profession and was the first batch to graduate from the “University of Nanking.”

Tsung had faced tough times during his childhood due to which effected his schooling; he attended high schools but later was interrupted by the “Second Japanese war.”

Lin has always been a bright student and did not get his early education. He was offered a scholarship n the United States due to his intelligence. When he got into the University of Chicago, he had no undergraduate degree at that time. He was selected by Enrico as a physics student. 

Later working at different universities such as the University of California and having experience working with Yang at the Princeton University,  Tsung Dao was appointed as the assistant in the university of Columbia and later after that he was promoted as a permanent faculty member, and lee was known as the youngest member of the faculty at work.  

Tsung Dao Lee has published a few books and some scientific papers as well. Lee was barely 31 years old when he discovered his scientific theories. 

Tsung Dao Lee’s Life I full of achievements and medals; to name a few, Lee has many awards known as Albert Einstein Award, Galileo Galilei Medal, New York City award. He has also received gold and silver star from Japan on the order of rising sun.

Tsung Dao Lee has received many offers for being a lecturer at their university, among them includes the positions of professors, professorships, and many more. He worked at the University of Columbia since 1953 until he was retired in the year 2012. 

He has also been a member of the American art academy, the third world academy of sciences.

Lee has been given the knowledge, and with that, he continued to spread it among the students. Lee has worked at the Yerkes as an associate professor, and later on, in 1956, he was promoted as the professor. One of the famous theories/models of Lee is known as the Lee Model.

In 1974-75, Lee published many articles and papers on his new theory called “ The new form of Matter and High density,” which is now benefiting the field of physics. Tsung has worked for the “RIKEN BNL” for five years from 1997 to 2003 as the director and has attended many seminars and delivered many lectures at different events with his wife. 

Tsung, having an interest in physics, led him to the parity law. The major discovery of Tsung Dao lee was that previously in History, the two particles that were known to be having different properties ( theta meson and tau – meson), he declared that both the particles have the same properties.  

Lee has lived a life full of achievements and has made umpteen contributions to the field of Physics by stating the Revolution theory with his colleague Chen Ning Yan which later gained much success in the respected field. Lee has a few notable students, such as Norman Christ and Richard M Friedberg.