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Tobi Pearce

Name: Tobi Pearce

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: July 13, 1992

Education: Woodcroft College, Brighton Secondary School, Flinders University

Type of Business: Internet and Media

Main Achievements: CEO of SWEAT, Director of Fresh Fitness Solutions and Pearce and Co, received the award of Entrepreneur of the Year, in 2018, his app SWEAT made $77 million.

Something interesting about the person: Tobi Pearce was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Instead he had to make his way from being a homeless person, sleeping in tin sheds to survive, to becoming Australia’s successful multimillionaire entrepreneur


Born to a family of four in Kangarilla, Australia, Tobi Robert Pierce has one inspiring story to tell. Although he spoke very less about his early life and personal affairs, he did share that he had a sister struggling through severe bipolar disorder. Her disease would result in extreme manic episodes and suicide attempts. Seeing her sister like this pained Tobi. The problematic family didn’t have a positive impact on Pearce, so he decided to leave to have a better future. One day, at the age of sixteen, he drove to school and never came back. He would continue to go to school but would sleep in his car or a friend’s place and even on the streets. He chose to be homeless, but he never loved the experience and the things he had to go through. After spending three years as a homeless person, Tobi finally decided to return home with the vision and aim of becoming a successful person in life. Tobi Pierce was a child prodigy who would instantly grasp new languages and solve complex mathematical problems in no time. He was interested in personal training and bodybuilding and spent a proportion of his time in working out. He worked as a gym trainer to pay his education fee. He even met his fiancé Kayla Itsines at the gym in 2012.

In the same year, Tobi began uploading his pictures working out at the gym on Instagram. Many fitness experts appreciated him and complimented his psyche. It was then when the couple decided to create an online fitness program, and that is how “Bikini Body Guide” surfaced the internet. Where Kayla herself acted as the personal trainer and gathered an enormous fan base, who called themselves ‘Kayla’s Army.’Tobi was always interested in business, so he helped his girlfriend manage her career by establishing a digital marketing agency known as Pearce and Co and by acting as a personal trainer at Bikini Body Guide. Thee Bikini Body Guide was a huge success as people were posting there before and after pictures online showing solidarity to the project and being much inspired by it. Tobi Pierce understood the desire to have a perfect body, especially in women. He believed that how you feel comes before how you look. In the year 2017, Tobi launched SWEAT, a health and fitness company offering to provide various workouts and fitness programs to a broader audience, especially women. He is the CEO of SWEAT, which has more than three hundred thousand followers on Instagram. He published e-books of SWEAT and launched the app with a similar name. The couple had launched other projects as well, including the app “SWEAT with Kyla” and e-books for their fitness program, “Bikini Body Guide.” Other than that, they have a website for workout plans and health guide, also mentioning that Australia’s young millionaire Pearce is a merchandiser for fitness goods. Tobi has linked the SWEAT app with Netflix considering that Netflix is itself a platform of entertainment and sharing content. Pearce knows that being an entrepreneur is a steep path to take, but he also advises the young businessmen to find something they’re passionate about and work hard for it. His primary income source is through Instagram. His net worth is varied between $1 million to$5 million.