Tao Huabi

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Name: Tao Huabi

Country: China

Date of birth: 1947


Type of business: Businesswoman

Main Achievements: Became a billionaire who has sold her chili sauce in more than 30 countries abroad. 

Something interesting about the person: Tao Huabi was called Lao Gan Ma, an old grandmother, because of her generosity towards those who were poor and did not have anything to eat.


Born in 1947 in a village in China, Tao Huabi is now a well-known billionaire inside of China. Even though she couldn’t read or write, was devoid of formal education, she became a billionaire with just one product. The Lao Gan Ma or the company she formulated called Laoganma Special Flavour Foodstuffs Co. This company makes one of the most famous chili sauce in all of China. The flavor of it is so impeccable that it is sold outside of China, reaching a total of 30 countries. On an average day, the company produces 1.3 million bottles of chili sauce. 

Married at the age of 20 and growing up in a poverty-stricken life, Tao Huabi became the backbone of her family. Her husband, poor of health, could not do much to support his family. Tao Huabi stepped up and started selling snacks in Guizhou, which was her hometown. She could do little to support her husband and two sons; nonetheless, she continued selling those little snacks. 

1989 was when tragedy struck her as her husband died. Supporting her family became an utmost priority as it always was. She started a noodle shop, and this was when she created the concoction for her famous chili sauce that has earned her billions. She gave her chili sauce the name Lao Gan Ma because of the name she earned for her kindness. 

When she was 49, Tao Huabi has earned enough revenue to start her own company in the year 1997. The business was a success from the start, and with an established company, it grew more prominent as more people started buying her chili sauce. Her success rate can be calculated as where she started her company with 40 employees; she grew and had not 4000 employees working for her. Moreover, she earns $655 million every year. 

The people of China adore her and find her to be an inspiration, calling her the ‘hottest woman in China.’ In January of 2011, it was reported that the Lao Gan Ma Special Flavour Foodstuffs CO. has 1.3 billion yuan worth of assets, as reported in Women of China. Tao Huabi’s unique is one of the many reasons where foreigners have been introduced to Chinese cuisine. Overall, Lao Gan Ma is a chili sauce that has a variety of flavors. Chilli oil, hot and spicy, and beef soybean are some of the ingredients added into the sauce to give it, its powerful aroma and taste.

Tao Huabi is what we call the ‘Chinese Dream.’ Though she did not receive the education and the lifestyle that she wanted, her approach to life made her a world-renowned billionaire. She is famous in every household of China, and many people are aware of her creation of the Lao Gan Ma. Tao Huabi was not only the founder but the first CEO and founder of the company that concocted the delicate chili sauce. 

Tao Huabi was the topmost trending on Chinese social media in February of 2017. The hashtag ‘The Spiciest (Feistiest) Woman of China’ was trending on social media and referred to the female star, Tao Huabi. Her face on the bottles of the Lao Gan Ma has made her a very recognizable figure in China. She has contributed to Chinese cuisine in countries outside of China. With a net worth of $1 billion, Tao Huabi has become a person or source of inspiration. Being the sole breadwinner of the family and trying to feed her sons and ill husband, Tao Huabi reached the top and is now a multi-billionaire.