Sun Yafang

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Name: Sun Yafang

Country: China

Date of birth: 1955

Education: College Graduate

Type of business: Business executive

Main Achievements: She was awarded the World Telecommunication and Information Society Award. 

Something interesting about the person: She was listed as the 81st most powerful woman in Forbes as per a 2014 consensus


Born in 1955, Sun Yafang is one of the most intelligent and intellectual people in China and globally. Not much is known about her life before she becomes an international sensation; however, she is said to have graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1982. She graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC), located in Chengdu. 

Before joining Huawei, Sun Yafang’s occupation was to work as a technician. In 1982, she worked in the Xinxiang Liayuan Radio Factory, which was state-owned. She was also a reputable teacher in 1983 at the China Research Institute of Radio Wave Propagation. Two years later, she joined the Beijing Research Institute of Information Technology as an engineer. 

In 1989, Sun Yafang had joined Huawei as the Marketing and Sales Department engineer. However, this was just the start of her successful journey in Huawei. She was appointed as the President of the Procurement Department and the Director of the Training Centre. Joining Huawei led her to the top, and she also became the General Manager of the Huawei office located in Wuhan. She was the Chair of the HR Committee and also of the BT-ESC, which is the Business Transformation Executive Steering Committee. Her role as a member of the Huawei Company excelled over the years, where she was also named as the Chair of Strategy and Customer Standing Committee and the President of Huawei University. 

Her work in all these departments has led her to be at the top. She was appointed as the chairwoman of the Board of Huawei in 1999, for there was no doubt about Sun Yafang’s work ethic and her dedication. 

The success Huawei commemorates today is all due to Sun Yafang. Huawei is one of the most well-known and renowned tech companies. Aside from being a prominent figure and representative of Huawei, she is called the ‘Queen of the Huawei’ by many. Her efforts have made Huawei reach an international market. Europe and other areas of the world are well-aware and noticing the rise of Huawei. 

Sun Yafang has received a lot of importance and praise from her own country. Huawei’s success in the national and international markets was given the importance, and that was not gone unnoticed. Sun Yafang was given the top spot in 100 most successful businesswoman in China. Her success and being at the top has everyone on their toes, as they await more Sun Yafang’s more successful ventures. 

In 2018, Sun Yafang stepped back as the chairwoman of Huawei, and her successor is now Liang Hua. Being named as the 38th most powerful woman in the world in 2016 by Forbes was rightly said. She is now indulging in a more public role and is an example for all the women out there urging to find a place in this challenging world of ours. 

Where a lot of allegations have been made against the empowering female figure, she has been a source of inspiration. She was awarded by the International Telecommunication Union the World Telecommunication and Information Society Award in 2012. A person who started as a technical engineer in a state-owned company turned her fate around and became the chairwoman, was appointed as one of the board of directors in a world-famous, tech company known as Huawei. Making it an internationally famous company and coming at the top of everything due to her work, Sun Yafang is a person of high caliber.