Simon Xie

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Name: Simon Xie

Country: China, Hangzhou

Date of birth: 31.12.1908

Education: Engineering degree from Shenyang University of Technology

Type of business: Financial work at a state-run company, then became a joint venture of a famous company called Alibaba group.

Main Achievements: He is the co-founder and chairperson of  the world’s best e-commerce company Ali baba corporate structure

Smth interesting about the person: Simon Xie was one of the entrepreneurs and chairpersons of the world’s most recognized firm that is Ali baba. But he was so soft-spoken and down to earth that many of the employees of his firm didn’t even know about him. He kept himself simple in a cramped office with unfashionable clothes that no one even recognized him as a business tycoon.


Simon Xie was born in an ordinary family. His father was a metal worker and not a very educated man, but Simon had a keen interest in studies, especially in mathematics and science. He was one of the shy boys among four children living in a town near the coast of Zhejiang province. Simon Xie ranked among 20 students in his class. He completed his engineering degree from Shenyang University of technology. He then started his job in a state-run company based on telecommunication.

He was ranked 791st in the world’s richest billionaires and  94th in China’s richest people. The net income of the Alibaba group of companies is $3 billion.

Ali baba group of companies is one of the renowned and world-famous companies listed. It has been running under partnerships, but among the investors and shareholders’ potential record, Simon Xie is vice president and a co-founder of this company. He is the executive chairman and holds the operating license of  Ali Baba’s corporate structure.

Simon Xie joined Ali baba company in 1999 as a chief financial officer. Ali baba is a Chinese multinational company founded on April 4th,1999, holding several areas like commerce, technology, retail, and the internet. Alibaba has been listed as the 5th largest online company. Its head office is in Hangzhou. Almost all the people around the world have at least once got their hands on to grab the stuff of their choice. The company has gained currency as the most famous market place, offering a plethora of categories to shop from. Xie is one of the shareholders in the Alibaba group. He is considered as “top millionaire” of the time.

Simon Xie likes simplicity and has always kept his lifestyle bereft of any embellishments. He is a thorough gentleman with a polite accent. He worked in a cramped office despite the fact that he is a billionaire.

For 15 years, Xie was not included in the steering committee and in the New 30 stake holders of Alibaba group. He is so shy and diffident that he has hardly given any interviews. A single interview has been recorded by media in fifteen years from Xie. He has been observed by the masses as an introvert.

None can gainsay the fact that Xie is an entrepreneur with deep thought and understanding of the business. He has a camaraderie with one of his colleagues and founders of Ali Baba, Jack Ma. He is treated as a family member by Ma, and they still share a close and interactive relationship. Xie has always preferred a simple life. He even refuted Ma’s idea of purchasing a new office for the day to day affairs. He said it would be a mere waste of money.

Xie also holds 11.6 percent of stakes in the Zhejiang Alibaba e-commerce group that handles Ali baba’s payment procedures and financial services. Xie and Ma are brothers to each other, and they live in the same city. Xie is fond of reading novels, and Jack Ma has been his literary partner.