Shi Yuzhu

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Name: Shi Yuzhu

Country: China

Date of birth: 1962

Education: Yuzhu graduated with a degree in mathematics from Zhejiang University. He got his post-graduation degree in software engineering from Shenzhen University.

Type of business: Entrepreneur and software engineer

Main Achievements: Yuzhu was chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Giant Interactive group. He was ranked 616th in the 2010s world billionaires’ list. He was also posed 49th among the richest people in China. His total income is worth $3.15 billion.

Smth interesting about the person: He was under the pressure of debts when he started his career.


Shi yuzu was born into an ordinary family in 1962. He was an ordinary boy who had a keen interest in reading comic books. His father was a police officer at Huaiyuan country public security bureau. He spent his early days in 2300 sq—kilometer of area. By reading comic books, he became an active thinker and gained insight into China’s culture and history.

At the age of 10, he studied several books and got to know about explosives. After several tests, he made explosives, which he later used in his business. He was not only an active thinker, but he was bold and intelligent and used to make swift decisions. He was firm and eccentric. By reading books, he developed a vast amount of knowledge. He completed his degree in mathematics from Zhejiang University and later gained the honor of becoming a civil servant. This field didn’t occupy his mind. Hence he decamped to Shenzhen, where he completed his post-graduate in software engineering.

Yuzhu built his career in the software industry by creating the Zhuhai Giant Hi-tech group. He was quite naïve regarding the business strategies; therefore, his business could not flourish initially. He was confident in his plans and wanted to become wealthy in a short interval of time, but due to inexperience, his company went into debts and eventually collapsed in 1994.

Then he tried his luck in the online gaming and health sector.  In 2001, he only focused on multiplayer online games. He founded online games which were played on internet servers and connected people from different regions. These games were a source of interaction and concatenation among different locales. The company was named as Giant interactive and was listed in NYSE in 2007.

He then devoted himself to the health sector and made his Nao Huang him vitamin product, which soon became the best seller. Nao Huang was later upgraded from Brain gold to Brain platinum, which eased people’s insomnia and helped them sleep well.

He was also entitled as a comeback kid as he bounced back in 2006 in online gaming. He marketed his own ZT online games in internet cafes and in different cities. He also added new editions to his games, which included the king of Kings III and the Empire of sports.

He not only played ZT online game but also checked valuable feedback from the players. He wanted to be called a chief gaming officer. Yuzhu strictly followed his motto, which was to pursue excellence and pay attention to detail.

Up till 2008, the company’s net income was $162.9 million. It later increased to $3.15 billion. Giant interactive had immense trade in New York and was then relisted in 2016 on the Shenzhen stock exchange through Chongqing New Century Cruise.

He has smartly invested in various banks and is the director of Minsheng Bank while having shares in Huaxia, Beijing. He also tried his luck in the rice wine industry. Yuzhu gained fame as a tycoon in the business industry. He is not only famous in online gaming but also has 6.5 million followers on Twitter.