Scott Farquhar


Name:Scott Farquhar

Country:Sydney, Australia

Date of birth:December 1979

Education: Acquired a Bachelor’s of Science degree from New South WalesUniversity, Australia and previously attended High school graduate from James ruse Agricultural High School

Occupation:Australian Billionaire

Type of business:CEO and Founder of Atlassian

Something interesting about him: Scott founded a company with Mike Cannon Brookes soon after graduation.

Main Achievements: In 2004, Scott got an award of Australia’s IT professional of the year. Soon afterward, in 2006 was declared as the youngest entrepreneur to be title granted with the title of Australian entrepreneur by Ernst and Young for the following year. Later on, in 2017, Forbes listed him amongst the list of global game-changers.



Scott Farquhar is a 40-year-old Australian billionaire who has a net worth of $8.9 Billion and is among the wealthiest people in Australia. Farquhar is the founder and also the CEO of a software collaboration company known as Atlassian,which is located inSydney, Australia. This company has a vast customer base of up to 150,000 customers with annual revenue reported to be of $1.2 Billion till 30th June 2019. The software developed by Scott, known as the Jira Software, had a public offering in December 2015 in New York. Atlassian facilitates teams to discuss, organize, and complete the work shared by making innovative tools and are dangerous to create products, openwork, and practices for all the teams involved. One hundred twenty thousand and more small and large organizations like Dominos, Twilio, and Visa use collaboration, tracking, service management, and development products to deliver better results by working smartly. Acquiring a Bachelors’s degree in Science with a major in Business information technology, was a member of Australian computer society, UNSW Business school alumni leaders network, young’s president’s organization. Atlassian was a proud sponsor of the UNSW co-op program which supported the goals of students allowing them to achieve them with their full potential.

Moreover, in collaboration with Mike Cannon Brookes, they started a company after graduating from university, funded with a $10,000 credit card. Having no sales team, Atlassian boasts Tesla, SpaceX, and NASA as their primary source of customers. He is also the cofounder to Pledge 1% which has the mission to urge companies to donate 1% or more value of equity, products or employee time to charity. It was a philanthropy movement introduced in 2015, to make the community a vital stakeholder of every business having around 4,000 organizations as their members to support the movement. Scott and Cannon own the second most expensive houses in Sydney, Australia, and are each other’s neighbors. Skip Capital is a company founded to allow technology-enabled businesses to invest in world-class teams and exceptional entrepreneurs to solve problems having Scott as its principal. Software/hardware, energy, and other software-enabled companies are preferred having a long term focus to participate in early to late-stage funding to focus on flexible patient capital. Scott was declared as BRW Rich 200 worth $200 In addition, he is married to Kim Jackson ag has two children from her. Subsequently, he also funded in Blackbird VC fund which focuses on growing and enhancing Australia based startups developing them into worldwide ventures.

Also, he is a professor at the University of New South Wales, teaching in the Department of Engineering and Computer Science who loved encouraging, motivating and building entrepreneurs.. In 2011, Scott Farquhar was given the award of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Scott gave lectures on entrepreneurship to undergraduates and MBA students, along with mentoring for Australia’s businesswomen’s network to motivate them.  He also enjoyed mentoring women throughout the globe as he used to do in the Australian Business Women’s mentoring program by hosting a wide range of conferences, participating as a keynote speaker.  He used to motivate university students by giving them real-life examples, especially of his own, to provide better guidance. Scott is known for his excellent work skills that led him to be where he is today at a young age.