Sam Tarascio


Name:Sam Tarascio

Country:Melbourne, Australia

Date of birth:22.06.1944

Education:Graduated from school

Occupation:Australian Businessman

Type of Business:Owner of WestGate logistics and Salta

Something interesting about him:In 2014, he imported an Olive press for Taralinga estate based on Mornington Peninsula around Melbourne, Australia. He was passionate about soccer but had to give up to establish a business.

Main achievements:Sam is among the Board members of Salta and has helped the company to complete a total of 140 projects worth $4 Billion, with the company having an experience of 50 years.


Sam Tarascio was born in Vizzini, Italy, who has a net worth of $1 Billion. He successfully owns a real estate in Melbourne, two distribution sites, a market, a shopping mall, and a business park. Moreover, in the 1950s, Sam emigrated from Italy and also owned various inner-city apartment developments as well. When he was five years old, Sam left Vizzini accompanied by his brother, Rosario ad mother, Maria, to meet his father, GuiseppeTarascio, who had left the continent a year before, in September 1949. Leaving every difficulty behind, they faced new ones starting from living on Watson Street in a twelve square meter house with two other families. Moving to Werribee was not easy; adjusting to the new language and culture along with surviving the reality was a bit difficult. Sam discovered that migrating had more severe consequences than just the ocean voyage as there is a lot more to learn among individuals of an unknown community. Sam, also known as Salvatore, is listed among the richest men in Australia, declared by Forbes in the year 2019. The thing that gets him going from his office situated In Collins Street, Melbourne, is the thought that acquiring a ship full of opportunities happens only once; hence, he guides his projects accompanying him every day. He also stated that making full use of the opportunity, being able to sail away depends on the person. In the 1960s started property development by constructing warehouses for Hoechst, a German pharmaceutical company where he previously worked in the sales department. His experience there led to the establishment of industrial and logistics development businesses referred to as, Salta Properties which is under his son’s direction nowadays. Currently, Tariscio’s company presides over Salta properties, which were founded in 1970, listed among the largest private sector companies in Australia.At the age of 28, Sam had to give up soccer for work purposes even though he was contacted by Soccer Australia Board a few years back but, he refused the offer. By the time of retirement, Tarascio had the Salta group. Started from a single warehouse operation which now, considered to be a multi-disciplinary story of success presiding over billions of dollars. Tarascio obtained Richmond parcel about more than 20 years ago; it is now inhibited as Victoria Gardens mall along with an office complex which offers a variety of home goods, supermarket, and even cinema along with a food court perfect to cater the needs of every family. He is also the co-founder of the Preston Market, located in Melbourne’s North. Sam even published his autobiography in 2018, named ‘My Way,’ which pours into the hearts of every migrant. He mentioned that the words written in the book could make any migrant nostalgic, reflecting his strong character and the ability to survive. Also, the warmth of his land still lingers, as he is an Italian living in Australia, decided to get close and learn from his peers despite being rejected during school years. After 57 years of hard work, previously having a low profile property and logistics, now oversees $80 Million restorations of docks which are working to handle about 30 percent of Victoria’s inward freight. Victoria’s dock is considered a classic that made Sam one of the wealthiest people of Australia, having a fortune of $460 Million stated by the BRW rich list.