Ruslan Kogan

Name: Ruslan Kogan

Country: Australia

Date of birth: November 1982

Education: Bachelor of business system

Type of business: Information Technology

Main Achievements: A self-made entrepreneur, an Australian billionaire. He is the founder of He also has companies related to e-commerce. Ruslan Kogan became Australia’s most prosperous businessman under the age of 30. He has a striking net worth of $349 Million.

Something interesting about the person: Interesting fact about Ruslan Kogan is that at the age of 10, he began his first business by finding and cleaninggolf balls, which were lost, and later,he sold the balls to golfers. He sold the balls to Elsternwick Golf Course for $0.50/each on Saturday mornings.


Ruslan Kogan is an Australian entrepreneur who became one of the wealthiestbusinessmen across Australia under the age of 30 till 2012, November, on his 30th birthday. Ruslan Kogan’s income has risen more than twenty times in half a decade that added his name to the 162nd position out of 200 on BRW Australia’s 2014 Rich List. In 2014, he was one of the top ten richest men, according to the Young Rich List of Australia, with an estimated income of $349 million.

Born in Belarus,he moved to Australia in 1989, along with his parents and his sister Svetlana. Although his parents were both educated people, at the beginning of their thirties, they left their home, position, and belongings to leave Belarus for a better life.

Ruslan Kogan went to Brighton Melbourne high school and later attended Brighton school secondary college. He received his degree in Bachelors of Business Systems from Monash University. At the age of 23, he worked at Accenture as a strategic consultant. Ruslan Kogan has worked in departments of IT at companies such as Bosch, GE, and Telstra. Several of Kogan’s controversial views were published, in which he gave his opinion on the digital technology industry, expressing his opposition to the internet blocker introduced by the Australian Government. He gave a harsh criticism to the Governmentabout Set Top Box Scheme’s poor management. He has written articles for many major media publications as both a guest and a regular. His articles include a Fast Company’s guest article on the significance of gathering evidence inside a company and another about his opinions on Facebook for Forbes. In 2011, he was also invited as a guest columnist for the business journal of BRW and had given guest opinions on many occasions on TechCrunch. TechCrunch is the most significant blog of technology around the world. He has also been interviewed on the higher flyer TV show of Bloomberg TV in 2015. Ruslan launched a laptop in Australia which ran the Google chrome’s open-source version. He launched this before any of the multinational companies like Acer and Samsung.

To start, in 2006,Ruslan Kogan quit his job at Accenture at the age of 23 and launched He launched his site from the garage of his parents in Melbourne, Australia. His business overgrew to a broader range of products, including video cameras, GPS devices, Laptops, Wireless Radios, and netbooks. In September 2011, began selling products of brands such as Motorola, Apple, Samsung, Canon, and Nikon. Kogan’s business operations expanded in many countries such as Belgium, Spain, Hong Kong, France, Ireland, New Zealand, and the US. Ruslan Kogan continues to earn more with each passing year.

Ruslan Kogan has an average sale of $1 million and had supplied more than 2 million goods. Without any capital or funding, Ruslan Kogan has managed to make his company to become on the fast-growing business in Australia.