Rupert Murdoch

Name: Rupert Murdoch

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: 11th March 1931

Education: Graduated from Worcester College of Oxford University in Arts and Science.

Type of Business: Media mogul, owner of News Corp, owner of Fox News, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Investor.


Main Achievements:Introduced the modern tabloid, revolutionized the subject matter of newspapers, owner of 21st Century Fox, got listed in Hall of Fame in 2014.

Interesting Facts:He had the most expensive divorce ever with Anna Torv. He was once reported dead – by his newspaper. He has also appeared in The Simpsons twice – as himself.


On 11th March 1931, Keith Rupert Murdoch, the august media mogul, was born to Sir KeithMurdoch and Elizabeth Murdoch on the small Cruden farm in the capital of Melbourne, Australia. Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch, was a renowned Australian news correspondent and held the proprietorship of the Herald (Melbourne), News, Courier-Mail (Brisbane), andSunday Mail. His mother was a patroness. Murdoch would soon bring forth his father’s legacy and set up an empire of buzz-worthy journalism.

Murdoch’s academic career also paved the way for his billionaire fortune. He went to Greenlong Grammar Boarding School in 1949 and shined through as the co-editor of ‘The Corian’ and ‘If Revived,’which were his school’s solemn magazines. He went on to study philosophy, economics, and politics at the prestigious Worcester College of Oxford University. Meanwhile, his father was busy instilling the subtlety of his profession in Murdoch.


A key feature of Murdoch’s life was an energetic and youthful academic journey, which reflected vividly in his magazines and news. Murdoch married four times and has six children. His now (4th) wife is Jerry Hall.

Murdoch’s father’s death in 1952 came as a sudden shock, and he returned to Australia to inherit his fathers ‘News Limited’ a part of News Corp. Murdoch was 21, but his adult acumen turned ‘The News’ into a significant success. After this initial victory, Murdoch aimed at helping the dwindling ‘ Sunday Times’ and ‘The Daily Mirror’ flourish. At 34 years old, this media magnate had successfully established ‘The Australian,’anation-wide daily newspaper, a first of its kind. One of his notable coups was the formation of the ‘ modern tabloid’ style of newspapers, which is preeminent with headlines, scandals, photographs, and stories, also half the size of a standard newspaper.

After acquisition and expansion of varying firms and magazines, Murdoch, inspired by histrionic themes, reversed the entire gist of newspapers. The subject matter now revolved around sex, controversy, crime, and scandals. Murdoch himself wrote the banner headings in his newspapers. This metamorphosis proved to be inordinately famous, and soon News Corp had treasurednumerous reputed newspapers creditedat more than 50 million dollars.


This media tycoon’s acquisitions include News of the World and The Sun (UK), San Antonia and Star(US), New York magazine, andThe Times Of London (UK)in 1968, 1974, and 1985 respectively.  With the advent of the next decade, News Corp amassed various ventures and bought stakes in radio, television, video, and film. In 1985, the major landmark for Murdoch was securing the Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, which became Fox Inc. later. This firm has been a paramount television network in America to date.

Now, Murdoch spun the wheel of fortune in the setting of book publication and swept away major publication houses with him, namely Scoot, Foresman and Company, and William Collins PLC (1989). The entrepreneur-turned-billionaire also set in motion a satellite entertainment service called Sky Television, which integrated the British Satellite Broadcasting. The two companies enciphered their content, and the audience showed a great response to the recreation they got.

Murdoch’s News Corp now expanded its foray in the US through the launch of Fox News together with imbibing Dow Jones & Company,which is the proud publisher of the well-known The Wall Street Journal. Hence, he proved that whatever métier he approached, would be triumphant.

The sensationalist businessman got in hot waters when ‘News of the World’ got scrutinized for hacking the phone numbers and emails of celebrities, murder victims, and politicians. In 2017, Murdoch sold most of the shares of the 21st Century Fox to Disney, and the remaining was included in what became the Fox Corporation viz; Fox News and TV channels of which Murdoch remains the chairperson.

As of 2020, this media magnate of vast insightis worth a whopping 16 Billion USD.