Date of birth:28.12.1943

Type of business:Consumer products and Property development

Main Achievements:Ronald Perichis amongst 50 wealthiest Australians and a self-made billionairewith an approximate net worth of $1.75 billion. He is a Non-Executive Director at Freedom Foods Group and the owner of Greenfields Property, which has sold more than 12,000 houses.

Something interesting about the person: Besides being a property developer, Ron Perish is a farmer who owns 2000 cows on 11,000 hectares of land.


RonaldPerich,also known as “Ron,”was born on 28 December 1943 in Liverpool, Australia as the youngest son of Croatian immigrant parents.His father,LiborjaPerich, grew tomatoes and sold them at in Sydney Markets. The family was also in dairy farming in 1951,which has now become Australia’s biggest dairy farm. His parents initiated a dairy on the West of Sydney with only 25 cows, and today it comprises 2000 cows and is the largest milk-producing industry.

Ron and his brother Tony are very close to each other. They have worked together for an extended period and still share the fortune. They have been working in a family business which their father had begun and grown the business to a significant level.Ronald is a hard-working person who always wanted to become stable in his life and loves his family. He works as a Non-Executive Director of Freedom Foods Group Ltd since20 April2005, which gives him a fair compensation of AUD$127,500. Under the direction of Ronald, the company is progressing day by day with earning tremendous profits. He owns Leppington Pastoral Company, which is a milk production industry and has rival operations in the United States, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Ron is also the Former Director of United Dairy Ltd, the joint Managing Director of Arrovest Pty Ltd, and a vital participant in many other corporations linked with Perich Enterprises Pty Ltd.

Ron is a business entrepreneur and a property developer at Greenfields property-development Corporation,which is trading about 12,500 residential lots and working on a plan of 5,500 houses in western Sydney. He is playing a vital part in the residential development plans.He is a person who always has his hands on. He drives trucks and bulldozers to prepare the land and also keeps a check on every pinch of the development.

Ron Perich has an excellent capability of running both dairy farm and property development business side by side without any inch of loss for which he is known to be one of the best business strategist and an inspiration for a lot of people. He, along with his brother, has set high merits for the development of new town centers and making extensive developments. His hard work is paying him off as he is receiving a considerable amount of profit from this residential development program.

Ron says that his success comes from working with his brother and through the family business. He says that whatever we earn from our business, we put it back into the business, and it is crucial to stay together. He is still working with the same zeal as that in his early days so that the business can be as successful as always. He has always taken his brother side by side and remained themost excellent support for him. He is the perfect example of true brotherhood.Ron Perich still lives at Bringelly on the same property which his father lived in 1963 along with his brother. Ron always put his family first before anything else.