Robin Li

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Name: Robin Li

Country: China

Date of birth: 17.11.1968

Education: Bachelors in IT. Masters in Computer Science.

 Type of business:  Internet Entrepreneur and Software Engineer

Main Achievements: Robin was the co-founder of internet search engine; Baidu. He was ranked as 17th richest individual in China as per record of 2017. He was among 345 billionaires of the world. The net income is about $9.4 billion, which is a huge amount. He also invented the first web search engine, which is named as RankDex having properties of ranking the page and scoring the site algorithm.

Something interesting about the person:  On July 4, 2019, once Robin Li was giving an interview to the media spokesman and journalist, an intruder doused him with blue ink. He was surprised and just asked him what his problem was. However, it was found later that the intruder had some medical and psychological issues and was arrested and sentenced to jail for five days.


Robin Li was born in the Shanxi province of China. His father and mother both were factory workers. He belongs to an ordinary family. He had three elder sisters and one younger sister, and he is the only son. After completion of his early studies, he completed his bachelor’s degree from Peking University in 1991 then he went to the USA for further studies. He gained Master’s degree in year 1994.

 In 1996, he invented the first web search engine, which is named as RankDex.  Robin also received a US patent for hyperlink analysis of a system in the year 1999. This US patent technology helped him in building today’s search technology. He also joined Infoseek, which is one of the best search engines. Li also worked in Silicon Valley as a senior engineer.

In 2000, Li founded Baidu with his fellow Eric Xu, but since 2004 he is the only founder of Baidu, and Baidu was considered and listed in NASDAQ in 2005. Baidu is listed among the world’s second-largest search engines and China’s largest search engine. This search engine encapsulates almost 70% of shares from the market. It is now regarded as vanguards of China’s internet industry. In 2007 it was also listed in NASDAQ-100. It is regarded as the youngest internet company and has been included in the top ten.

Robin Li is considered as internet tycoon, and his achievements are widely recognized in China as well as in the whole world. He is one of the pioneers of his times and world-recognized figure in the world of internet search engines.

Owing to his phenomenal personality, he is one of the vice-chairmen of the Internet Society of China. He also received many honors like “The Top 30 Figures in China’s 30 Years of Reform,” and the “Ten IT Leaders,” . He stands at 58th slot among world’s most influential leaders.

In 2014 he was appointed by United Nations General Secretary as independent expert advisory. His personal life details reveal that he is married to Dongmin Ma, who also worked for Baidu. He has four children, and he is currently living a halcyon life in China, Beijing.

He is considered one of the most influential leaders of China and the world’s best businessman. He is now currently working for NYSE.EDU and The former is an education site while the latter is a travel agency.