Richard Pratt 

Name: Richard Pratt

Country: Australia

Date of birth: 10th October 1932

Education: Bachelors of Commerce

Type of business: Entrepreneur and Technology

Main Achievements: Australian entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a self-made billionaire, Australia’s 4th most prosperous businessman. In 1998, he also named the environmental visionary of the year. He was the chairman of Visy Industries and President for the Carlton football club. He was the chairman of the board of management of Mental Health Research Institute of Victoria and Swinburne University of technology’s foundation chancellor as well as the president of Victorian Arts Centre Trust.

Something interesting about the person: Richard Pratt loved arts, for this, he donated 10 million$ to artists and refugees through Pratt foundation. He had a longtime mistress, Shari lea, Hitchcock. He had a daughter named Paula from his mistress.


Richard Pratt was an Australian businessman who was the chairman of Visy industries. He was the leading figure in Melbourne, Australia. He had a striking net worth of 5.48 billion A$.

Richard Pratt was born in Poland. His parents were Jewish. His parents emigrated from Poland to Australia in 1938. They took refuge in Australia from the Nazis and settled in Victoria, Australia. Richard Pratt’s previous surname was Przecicki; when he with his family migrated to Australia, they changed their surname. Who would have thought that a person who sought refuge in Australia would become the wealthiest person in the country? During his journey, Richard Pratt and his family faced many hardships. They even faced a food shortage during their journey. This thing affected Pratt so much that later when he became a successful businessman, he supported refugees and donated them money through Pratt foundation. Pratt got his early education from Graham vale primary school, and later in 1953, he enrolled in the University of Melbourne for a bachelor of commerce degree. Pratt started his football career through Lemnos, Richard Pratt, played in the Victorian football league for Carlton.

Richard Pratt was awarded Morrish Medal for being the fairest and best U-19 player of the year. Richard Pratt moved towards his business and made his name there and did not pursue his football career. After the death of his father Leon in 1969, Richard Pratt took over the reins of the business. The business at that time had a hundred employees, and the revenue was 5 million$. After Richard Pratt took over, Visy became a big success. Under the direction of Richard Pratt, Visy in Melbourne expanded from two factories to 55 plants across the world. They started working across New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the United States. Before Richard Pratt took over, Visy dealt with packaging and cardboard boxes, and from this, they moved towards paper recycling. Pratt also expanded his business to waste paper business in New York in the 1990s. Richard Pratt was also the president of Victorian.

For corporate citizenship Richard Pratt was awarded the Woodrow Wilsen medal for  in 2007. In 1985 he had been appointed the officer of Order of Australia. The Woodrow Wilson Medal is given to those businessmen who have shown deep concern and worked for the wellbeing of ordinary people through their business. Richard Pratt has always been an example for the world.

Under Richard Pratt’s direction, his company Visy generated a revenue of over 2.3 billion$ from 2007 to 2008. In the same years, the company employed more than 5,600 employees. However, in 2007 the company was fined by Federal Court in a case of the price-fixing cartel. The company paid 36$ fine to the court. For this case, Richard Pratt accepted a personal fine. He was also charged for giving false evidence to the court.

Richard Pratt died on 28th April 2009.