Ren Zhengfie

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Name: Ren Zhengfie

Country: China

Date of birth: 25.10.1944

Education: Completed degree from Chongqing Institute of construction engineering

Type of business: Entrepreneur and Engineer (CEO at Huawei)

Main Achievements: Ren Zhengfie was one of the founders of the world’s biggest producers of telecommunication equipment and the second-largest company of smartphone producers, which is the Huawei network. Apart from that, he also joined the People’s liberation army research institute and worked as a military technologist in the information technology research unit. But he has not designated any military rank. He is now a billionaire with a net income of around $1.5 billion. In the list of China’s most affluent individuals, Zhengfi enjoys 276th rank.

Smth interesting about the person:  Ren Zhengfi not only joined military services but also took part in politics in the Communist Party of China.


He was born in the mountainous regions of Southern China, Guizhou province. He belonged to a poor family. The resources were not sufficient, so his parents could barely make both ends meet. His grandfather was a Master chef Ren senior who was an expert in curing ham. While his father, Ren Musheng, was not very much educated and failed to complete a university degree due to his father’s death just before his graduation. Zhengfie was the eldest son and had five sisters and one brother. After completing his early education, he completed his degree in civil engineering and architecture from Chongqing institute of engineering in the year 1960 and then joined the People’s liberation army research institute. He worked as a military technologist in the information technology research unit.

But he has not designated any military rank due to his father’s background. Meanwhile, he was also employed in the civil engineering industry until 1974. In people’s liberation army, he was designated as a technician, then engineer, and lastly, the deputy director. He retired from the army in 1983.

Later on, he joined Shenzhen South Sea Oil Corporation, but he felt that the compensation package was not up to the mark. Therefore, he soon left that job. He planned his future in a meticulous manner. This was the turning point of his life in which he decided to establish Huawei Company in 1987 with a capital of CNY 21000. Huawei has become a brand in the 21st century and needs no introduction. Every other person has its smartphones. Zhengfie’s name appears among the best telecommunication engineers, and today he is the founder and chairman of the world’s largest producers of telecommunication equipment (Huawei) and the second-largest producers of smartphones. Huawei is doing business in more than 170 countries with 180,000 employees. The company has gained currency drastically over the years.

Talking about Zhengfi’s nature, he is a generous man having an ordinary lifestyle. He didn’t forget his past that he belonged to the poor family, and his father was a school teacher. He tried to hide the rags of his past by unveiling his excellent present in front of the world.

If we talk about his personal life, he has married thrice. His first wife, named Meng Jun, was a political commissioner of Red Guards, Mao’s volunteer paramilitary movement. She was very cantankerous, so their relationship could not proceed well.  He had a son, Ren ping, and a daughter Meng Wenzhou. After that, he remarried a lady Yao ling from whom he had a daughter Annabel Yao. Now, Zhengfi has got married for the third time. His third wife is his former secretary named Su Wei.

He is a strenuous worker who burnt the midnight oil to gain success. He stayed overseas for a few months, and he would hardly visit his children. He invested efforts to bolster the prestige of his company. At present, his net income is around $3.3 billion.

Due to his hard work and determination, Ren has been ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world, according to the 2005 survey.