Qi Shi

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Name: Qi Shi

Country: China

Date of Birth: October 1970

Education: Qi Shi achieved a Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University and later on obtained an MBA degree from Fudan University.

Type of Business: Shi is the founder of East Money Information Company Limited 

Something interesting: Qi Shi is a Chinese billionaire businessman.

Main achievements: Shi received an award in 2015 known as the EOY China’s technological category winner.


Qi Shi has a real-time net worth of $4 Billion and is based in Shanghai, China. Moreover, he is famous for his work in creating a fortune business of establishing East money information company limited, which turned him to become a billionaire businessman in China. Basically, East money information is a website that facilitates providing the stock and financial information with an average of 23.6 Million active users per day as the statistics presented in the July 2015 show. Qi Shi chaired the East money information of listed Shenzhen, which allows him to operate the country’s most popular website. Also, being a former future researcher of finance, Qi Shi established the company in 2005 in China. In addition, his board memberships consist of several corporations that he served and helped to reach a higher rank. Also, the products offered by the company consist of financial data and advertising as they provide excellent advertising services that are up to date with the latest technology that meets the demands of the consumers. As East money information company limited operates through its online websites, the information can be accessed conveniently irrespective of time or location constraints. The headquarters of the company is situated in the Shanghai district of China since its establishment on 20th January 2005. East money Information Company limited has been listed among the 200 Asia’s best under a Billion in the year 2016, innovative growth companies of the year 2017, and global recognition in the years 2000 and 2016, respectively. Since the company was founded in 2005 with the URL of the website to be Eastmoney.com, it has been growing generating vast sums of profits. It became one of the most influential online platforms of China, which is considered to be consistently ranked as China’s financial Mainland web portal, according to the ranking presented by the Internet Society of China. Getting listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange determined the value of the company to be considered as an established financial web portal company in the market of China by the year 2010. Moving forward, with his professional insights, market analysis through judgment and innovation, in 2012, Qi Shi was able to conveniently expand the company offerings to fund financial products and services under Fundfund.cn successfully. As a result, the market received all of the funds with ease and became the most visited and trusted web portal that was related to funds in China. The significant achievements of Qi Shi include winning awards such as the honorary title of research new economy awards as the entrepreneur of the year. He was listed among the famous and wealthiest top ten young economic leaders from Shanghai China, also among the te, IT stars that emerged through Shanghai. Moreover, his company also received various awards, which proved to be huge successes, further enhancing the company reputation after it received the outstanding entity for protection and cyber security at the 18th National CPC congress which was issued by the Bureau of National network security of the public security ministry. Lastly, another victory was the title of best IT service provider by Shanghai stock exchange  Infonet limited awarded in 2014. Qi Shi’s hard work can be seen in the success of the financial giant as it is not easy to manage or run such a big empire with such excellence; thus, deserves a significant recognition due to his phenomenal expertise as a manager and proprietor of the company.