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Name: Pocket Sun

Country: China

Date of Birth: 12.07.1991

Education: Pocket earned a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Mary and William in Virginia in 2009 when she traveled to the US. In addition, I graduated from John Hopkins University with an MBA degree, achieved a Master’s degree from Georgetown University and Maryland Institute of Art.

Type of Business: Owner and partner of SoGal Ventures 

Something interesting: During her free time, Pocket does yoga, Zumba and barre to refresh her soul, body, and mind by taking classes via GuavaPass.com. Moreover, her interests consist of music, traveling, and dreaming about hosting a concert along with becoming a famous fashion blogger.

Main achievements: The main achievements of Pocket are several features and awards for her exceptional entrepreneurial skills which consisted of BBC news, under thirty in Forbes, Channel News Asia, Top voices of LinkedIn, CCTV, Business times, among Asia’s Unstoppables, Women of the time at Harper Bazaar, Forty under forty prestige and the Strait time.


Pocket Sun was born on the 12th of July 1991 in China and was brought up like a male; hence, her friend circle consisted of mostly males owing to her adventurous nature. A Chinese born and based in Singapore, is an investor, self-professed globetrotter, keynote speaker and an entrepreneur who manages a Million dollar business, SoGal Ventures successfully which runs thirteen chapters around the globe and if the first female-led venture worth millions. At a summer program that she attended elementary school, Pocket was able to learn English, which proved to be beneficial for her, when she went abroad for higher studies. Moreover, she titles her company as the pioneer of venture capital cross border, directed by Millennial females. Currently, Elizabeth Galbut and Sun have partnered together intending to raise an amount of $8 Million to close the SoGal venture‚Äôs fund till next month. Furthermore, both of them are planning to invest in digital health outfits and consumer technology in the United States. As a result, they would be able to create their own network of young businesswomen who will pave their way in the industry despite just being a graduate of Southern California Marshall School of business.  Despite growing up in Northern China, Pocket was able to take the initiative for female entrepreneurs by establishing SoGal that has grown to have up to 40,000 members in the community, catering to about 20 countries, including China, United States, Vietnam, and Singapore.  

Subsequently, SoGal has major investments in the marketing sector, digital health, and personal care to target the customer market in the United States. Moreover, in order to enhance women empowerment, she invests in Guavapass which is Asia’s largest fitness service, Hydrate which is a smart trainable hardware company, Kairos; a facial recognizing technology, Mogul; media platform focused on serving the Millenial women, AK valley which is a co-working community and lastly, Nail snaps which creates custom made nail wraps for customers. Therefore, this powerful network of investments allowed her to run Trojan Ventures as well. Additionally, other investments of SoGal involve Lovevery that creates baby toys that encourage brain development, Right fit, which is a Sydney based talent agency online and Function of beauty to customize hair care products. 

Another area at which Pocket focuses is sexual harassment after she discovered that the owner of one of her startup businesses reinstated half a Million dollars to an investor of her company when it got revealed that he was a sexual predator. Furthermore, Pocket was called a guest speaker at a conference held in Sydney at the Startcon conference by next month, stating that sexual harassment has been a major problem that every woman faces at the workplace, which needs to be addressed. Although Pocket’s venture is focused on women, she also invested in projects related to men to promote balance and diversity in her organization to cater to every individual need.