Peter Prendiville

Name: Peter Prendiville

Country: Australia 

Type of business: Private hotel and Accommodation Empire, Wine business, Tourism

Main Achievements: An Australian Entrepreneur, self-made billionaire, and investor. He is the owner of many motels and private hotels across Australia. He is also the owner of Sandalford Wines Estate. In 2016 he took control of Brisbane hotel. He has an estimated net worth of $197 million.


Peter Prendiville is an Australian businessman who has a striking net worth of $197 million. His name was present on the list of West Australia’s 50 wealthiest businessmen in 2018. Peter Prendiville has bought businesses throughout urban and regional Australia. He owns hotel ranges featuring trade winds, Cottesloe Beach Hotel, Norfolk in Fremantle, Townsville’s Grand and Broome’s upgraded Mangrove. He also owns ibis style motels from French Group ‘Accor’. These include Kununurra, Katherine, Mt Isa, Karratha, Alice Springs, and Port Hedland. These are budget accommodation venues. His most recognized and the most significant property is his wine estate. Peter Prendiville’s Sandalford wines estate is a tourist destination in the Swan Valley.

Peter Prendiville, in 2016 bought and took control Brisbane Hotel for below book value. He leased the hotel to Capital Management of Geoff Haward in West Australia. Unfortunately, it collapsed in June 2017. Peter Prendiville’s eldest son Garrett has been actively involved in the family’s growing business. The family business started with patriarch Pat to suburban Hotels. It also includes roadhouse and Balladonia pub.

Peter Prendiville, in 35 years, has been the owner of red houses, fuel stations, and 40 hotels. Currently, he is doing his duty as the chairman of his family-owned business. His portfolio of property and business includes pier 21 resorts in Fremantle, Grandville hotel, hotel Rottnest, Cottesloe beach hotel, and Mangrove hotel, Broome. Peter Prendiville has also been the vice-chancellor of Notre Dame University. He was also on St. John of God’s health Care Group’s board. He was also the chairman of tourism in West Australia. He stepped down from this position in 2017. He has also been a long time ‘Youth Focus’ supporter. Peter Prendiville has also been named in the business category as west Australian of the year in 2016. Peter Prendiville has also helped youth focus to raise donations almost 600,000 through his polo in valley events.

The Prendiville Group inherits and runs numerous legendary travel, entertainment, and hospitality facilities. Characterized in a range of settings, from Karratha’s red earth mining center to the beautiful vineyards in South West, to the Rottnest Island’s blue waters and white beaches, and Fremantle’s rich port heritage. This family business has evolved from its remote accommodation roots over the past thirty years to become the highly respected enterprise behind a wide range of properties with names that are familiar and close to many.

In an interview, Peter Prendiville said he is very positive and believes that the future of Western Australia would be bright, especially its economy, specifically from the point of tourism. He said that through tourism, he sees a growing awareness of Western Australia, especially Pert. According to him, Perth is a fantastic place to invest, live, visit, and conduct business and study.

Peter Prendiville was already a part of tourism and hospitality when he bought the Sandalford wine. He wanted to expand his business for which he saw the 160-year-old brand of WA as a perfect fit. He spent 6 million dollars on the redevelopment of the brand. He wanted this business to not only produce wine, but it should also be linked with tourism. He expanded his business and started distributing wine in countries such as Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, and Norway, where wine was not much common. The brand Sandalford enjoys a long-standing reputation for its quality of wine at any price point, which meets standards.