Peter Larsen

Name: Peter Larsen

Country: Australia 

Education: Doctor

Type of business: Education

Main Achievements: Co-founder of Navigator. He has been a teacher, executive director, and head of the department in both private and government educational sectors. He received an award of an honorary doctor of education in 2008.

Something interesting about the person: Peter Larsen established his esteemed business from two people.


Dr. Peter Larsen in an honorary philanthropist and businessman in Australia. Dr. Peter Larson, for more than 35 years, has been an educational leader and professional educator. Peter played a crucial role in Australian higher education by defining public and private relations in higher education. Peter Larsen is known for his role in the foundation of increasing rates of participation in higher education of Australia and international students. He was also widely recognized for his role in student welfare and his focus on the standards of academia. Peter was the co-founder of IBT. IBT was later named Navitas. Navitas was founded in 1994 and is a highly known global education company. Peter Larsen remained with Navitas in its leadership and board and later resigned from his board position in 2014.

Peter also worked with government regulators in the growth of the college network. He also worked with partner universities to make sure that the reputations of these universities and their brands were secured by supervising all facets of student welfare and academic delivery. Peter Larsen’s Navitas worked on the pathway college model that put the foundation of a new era toward the progress of students and in university education. This model gave necessary support to prepare students for admission in a second-year degree by giving flexible entry requirements. The idea of the pathway model later expanded across Australia. It became a benchmark of colleges in all states of Australia.

Peter Larsen was an expert in academia. He was an expert in mathematics, educational measurement, mathematics education. These experts made him highly skilled and credible in both the public and private sectors of education. Dr. Peter Larsen put the foundation of robust academic governance policies, structures, and procedures. He established the original academic framework. This framework is still operated within colleges in Australia. He was the executive director of a global education company. Larsen made a significant contribution to board deliberations. He was also an integral part of the executive team. This team built a network across the globe of high-quality pathway colleges. Dr. Peter Larsen retired from his roles of the board in education. He was still passionate about his idea that by providing quality education, we can ensure the generation of trust with partner universities, this helps in building beneficial relationships.

Peter Larsen was given the award by Edith Cowan University of Doctor of education. The award was given to him for his integral role in increasing participation for international and national students in higher education.

In 2013, Dr. Peter Larsen sold the shares of Navitas for $32, buy cutting his share to 6.2 percent provider of education is West Australia WA. Peter Larson, the co-founder of Navigator, joined the sell-down of 100$ million by the known millionaire director of Perth Australia. In 2012, Peter Larson’s wealth was estimated by the West Australian Rich list. His estimated net worth, according to them, was $165 million. His other assets include Yallingup, which is a significant property holding.

Starting from two people in 1994, Navitas became the fifth-largest company in West Australia. The company is worth $2 billion. Navitas was named in the list of most innovative growth companies given by Forbes in 2014. Navitas operates its business through the segments of SEA, university programs, English programs, and professional programs. The program segment of the university provides educational programs through managed campuses and pathway colleges to those students who require university education. The education programs by SEA business are delivered in the field of creative media that includes programs in film, media, and audio.