Peng Liyuan

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Name: Peng Liyuan

Country: People’s Republic of China

Date of birth: 20.11.1962

Education: China Conservatory of Music

Type of business: CPC central military commission political dept song and dance troupe

Main achievements: Singer, politician, and social activist. After Jiang Qing, Chairman Mao’s wife, Peng Liyuan, is the first lady who has put tradition and glamour together. She works to promote rural education in China. She has also done campaigns against HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis with the World health organization. She was among the twenty-three people who got the first Chinese arts award and the US $159,800. 

Smth interesting about the person: Before Peng married Xi Jinping, who is the general secretary of the communist party and also the former presidents of the People’s Republic of China, she was a famous opera singer, folk singer as well as an actress. She is known as the first lady of China. Her net worth is around the US $1MILLION.


Peng Liyuan was born in Linyi, Shandong, the People’s Republic of China, on 20th November 1962. At the time she was 14, she went to Shandong University of Arts in vocal training in Chinese folk music.  When Peng was 18 years old, she joined China’s army and became a soldier. Peng always had a beautiful voice, so she started singing to boost the morale of Chinese troops during the Sino Vietnamese border conflicts. Because of her beautiful talent, she soon got fame and performed in the 1982 CCTV New Year’s gala. Peng’s famous singles include the people of our village and in the field of hope. She mostly sang for China’s communist party.

Peng met Xi Jingping through friends. Xi’s father was a famous Chinese revolutionary known as Xi Zhongxun, and that is why it was easier for Peng’s parents to accept him. After the approval of both their parents, Peng and Xi got married in the year 1987. Xi is also the former Chinese president. They are married for thirty years now. They have one daughter together, known as Xi Mingze. Even though Xi was a politician but this did not stop Peng from singing. She sung on different occasions. After her wedding, she appeared at the National art festival in Beijing. Furthermore, she traveled to Canada and the United States of America to perform.

Peng is also very active in politics. China’s political liberation army made Peng its civilian member. The rank was equal to the major general. Moreover, she was made the dean of Art academy.

Peng’s husband, Xi, was made the general secretary of the communist party in the year 2012. In 2013, he was made the president of the People’s Republic of China. Peng was known as ‘the first lady of China’ at that time. Peng’s singing career got slowed down after she became the first lady of China. Although, she started singing again but for very specific and high-class political events. Peng is now the 11th national committee member of the Chinese People’s political consultative conference. She is also a goodwill member of the World health organization and spreads awareness regarding HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. 

Peng was appointed as a special delegate of the United Nations for girls and women education in the year 2014. This honor was given to her because she fought for the inequalities that girls face in the education sector. She contributes to UNESCO by promoting gender equality and the provision of equal and quality education to women as well. She attended her first award ceremony at UNESCO prize for Girl’s and women’s education held in Beijing in the year 2016.

Massey University in New Zealand awarded Peng Liyuan with an honorary doctorate for the amazing contributions she made to arts, health, and education in 2014. In addition to that, she had also been listed as the 57th most powerful woman by Forbes in 2014. 

Unlike most people from the past, Peng had always been very active in working for her country. She has done a number of campaigns and represented her country on different platforms.