Paul Ramsay

Name: Paul Ramsay

Country: Australia 

Date of birth: 1936

Education: Drop out from the University of Sydney

Type of business: Healthcare

Main Achievements: A self-made billionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. His net worth was 30 billion$. He was ranked 9th on Australia’s 50 richest 2014. He is the owner of Ramsay health care and Ramsay center for Western Civilization. He has significant shares in radio broadcast and regional TV. In June 2002, Paul Ramsay was given the title of Australia’s Officer of order.

Something interesting about the person: Ramsay was a generous man. After his death, he left $400 million to his family and friends. He even left millions to his gardener and an old receptionist.


Paul Ramsay was a famous Australian billionaire. He was born in Sydney and grew up in the southern highlands of New South WhalesBurradoo, Australia. He went to St. Ignatius College in Riverview, Sydney. Paul Ramsay, in Sydney, opened his first psychiatric hospital in 1964. The hospital was later transformed into Ramsey healthcare. Ramsey health care is a private company of hospitals. Ramsay was the chairman of the hospital. The Ramsay health care had daycare facilities and 151 hospitals in July 2014 at the time of his death, across Europe, Asia, and Australia. Ramsay had been the chairman for 30 years of the Prime Media Group. He left his position in April 2014. He was one of the founders of Australia’s television aggregation. He built stations across Australia. These stations are a part of the Prime television Network. He has significant shares in radio broadcast and regional TV, digital advertising firm Ad Stream, and Prime media.

Ramsay was appointed as Sydney FC’s chairman in 2009. He was also the owner of luxury real estate. He was Ramsay Young Service’s chairman, which is a charity for young people. He also served on the ‘George Gregan Foundation’s board.’ He was also a member of the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation’s board. He was also Queen’s birthday honors list in 2002. In the same year, he became Order of Australia’s officer for his social work. Paul Ramsay donated $300,000 to Kevin Spacey Foundation in 2011. According to Forbes, his total net worth was $3.4 billion USD. This net worth was estimated in 2014, before his death. He was ranked as the 13th wealthiest man in Australia. After his death, his will showed that Paul Ramsay left a majority portion of his property to Paul Ramsay Foundation.

Paul Ramsay Foundation has become one of the largest foundations in Australia. Paul Ramsay’s donation of his inheritance to his foundation much made it a big success. Paul Ramsay Foundation aims to help destroy the cycle of disadvantage. Paul Ramsay foundation in 2015 donated 14.7 million$ to Black Dog institution for suicide prevention programs. In 2016, Ramsay donation became Australia’s most significant donor by donating $45.2 million. After the death of Paul Ramsay, Professor Glyn Davis, the former vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne in 2019, was appointed as the CEO of Paul Ramsay Foundation.

The Ramsay Foundation launched ‘Ramsay Center for Western Civilization’ in 2017 after his death.

Paul Ramsay was a man who kept a shallow profile. It was strange to know that a man whose business interacted with ordinary people in Australia still managed to maintain his low profile. For the time being, Paul Ramsay was one of the Liberal Party Australia’s biggest donors. He was a man of influence among presidents and prime ministers. After his death, a controversy started regarding his unfinished will. His will of $3.5 billion did not contain any mention of the organization started by Paul Ramsay .i.e. Ramsay center for western civilization. This instigated a new fight on Ramsay’s name.

Paul Ramsay died on 1st May 2014 in Spain, at the age of 78.