Patrick Y-Kin Grove

Name: Patrick Y-Kin Grove

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: April 30, 1975

Type of Business: Internet and Media

Main Achievements: Co-founder and CEO of Catcha Group, Co-founder of iProperty Group and Rev Asia, Co-founder & Chairman of iCar Asia and Iflix, received an award of Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was ranked 7th in the Young Rich list of BRW 2014.

Something interesting about the person: Patrick Grove is half Singaporean and half Australian. He acted as a judge in Angel’s Gate, a reality TV series where rising entrepreneurs in Asia would give business ideas to investors.





Patrick Y-Kin Grove had an Australian father and a Chinese-Singaporean mother in Singapore. Most of his childhood and early life was spent in Singapore which is why he considers it his primary home. While growing up, he spent many of his years in Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and Singapore. In Singapore, he acquired his education from UWC South East Asia. In the year 1993, Patrick moved to Sydney, Australia, where he continued his studies. He graduatedfrom The University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance and Accounting. Patrick’s mother was never a staunch supporter of his dream of becoming an entrepreneur.Earlier as a student in University of Sydney, Patrick had established two businesses. One was a night club marketing business called the JDI and the other one wasVibecom, a cell phone outlet chain. The self-made multi-millionaire wanted to start his own business but his parents would not let him do so. As a result, he and his parents had a deal where Patrick promised to start his career with a job at Arthur Anderson for only three years. After that, he can initiate a business of his own. Arthur Anderson is amongst the significant five accounting films in Chicago, USA. Grove would listen to the elites of Singapore or Malaysia and their conversations would always start with a certain person going to the West and bringing back an idea to invest here.

Through this, it occurred to him that all he had to do was to get a worthy objective, a plan from the Western states and bring it back to Asia. Thus, he created in 1999, after spending two and a half years working in Arthur Anderson. He invested majority of his savings, about $100,000, in order to launch is basically a search engine like for the people of Asia. Acting as a cyberspace portal, consists of everything such as news, email, entertainment, sports and so forth, all centered at one place.It instantly became a leading portal in the region and raised over $50 million. However, in April 2000, the NASDAQ crashed and became a prey of dot-com bubble.

Nevertheless, Grove persisted and never thought this was not the right path for him. His determination finally brought him out of the abyss in 2006, when he founded the iProperty Group through which made the cut to Australian Stock Exchange in 2007. During the dot-com bubble crash, Patrick Grove is regarded as one of the rarest survivors of the bedlam. Throughout the previous decade, Patrick Grove founded seven more outstanding eminent businesses under These include Iflix – afree and subscription video on demand (SVOD) having its focuson emerging markets, Frontier Digital Ventures – an online businesses operator in underdevelopedcountries, iProperty Group –operator of Asia’s topproperty websites’ network, iCar Asia – most extensive network of automotive portals in ASEAN,  iBuyGroup –holder and promoter of Asia’s bestnexus of e-commerce sites, Rev Asia Berhad -an online media and publishing company of Malaysia.Iflixis being operated in twenty-two countries in North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Patrick Grove has received many awards due to his efforts in the business world.He is now 44 years old, having $885 million net worth due to which he comes at 105th on the Financial Review Rich List.