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About the people of Australia that we’re talking about (maybe an image of Australia in the background as well)









Name: Kostas Makris Country: Australia (Born in Greece) Date of birth: Born in 1943 (77

 John Singleton   Name: John Singleton Country: Australia Type of Business: Advertising Agency, Management Services,

Name:Kostas Makrin Country:Australia Date of birth:1947, Ligourio, Greece Education:None Type of Business: Real Estate Main

Name: Elle Macpherson Country: Australia Date of Birth: March 1964 Education: Attended a college for

Name: Tony Perich   Country: Australia Date of birth: 1940 Education: – Type of business: Agriculture, Real Estate Main achievements: Tony

Name: Bruno Gordano Grollo Date of birth: 1942 Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Type of Business:

Name: Lou Divirgilio Country: Australian Type of Business: Transport and Logistics Main achievements: Co-founder of DVG automotive and Managing

Name: Malcolm Steinberg Country: Australia Education: Perth Boys High School and Kent Street High School


About the people of Australia that we’re talking about (maybe an image of Australia in the background as well)









Name: Chen Dongsheng  Country: China  Date of birth: 1957 Education: Bachelor in Political economics  Type of business: Insurance Main Achievements: He

Name: Sun Yafang Country: China Date of birth: 1955 Education: College Graduate Type of business: Business executive Main Achievements: She was

Name:  Li Bingbing Date of birth:  27.02.1973 Country: China Education:  Graduation  Type of Business: Actress and singer Main achievements: She won

Name: Simon Xie Country: China, Hangzhou Date of birth: 31.12.1908 Education: Engineering degree from Shenyang University of Technology Type

Name: Liu Xiaobo  Country: China Date of birth: 28.12.1955 Education: Liu graduation from Beijing’s regular university Type of business: Served

Name: GRACE LEE BOGGS Country: China Date of birth: 27th June 1915  Date of passing

Name: Liu Chuanzhi Country: China Date of Birth: 29.04.1944 Education: Graduated from Xidian University Type of Business: Owner of Lenovo

Name: Lei Jun Country: China Date of birth: 16.12.1969 Education: Lei Jun did his Masters in Computer Science


About the people of USA that we’re talking about (maybe an image of USA in the background as well)


About the people of Pakistan that we’re talking about (maybe an image of Pakistan in the background as well)