Nick Giorgetta


Name: Nick Giorgetta

Country:  Italy(Birthplace) Australia (Work Place)


Type of business:  Metallurgy and mining

Main achievements:


He has been the managing director at Samantha gold and has worked at various mines at Kalgoorlie. He is accredited for helping build the WA economy in the late 20th century and is considered as one of Australia’swealthiest 50 with a total value of almost $191 million

Something interesting about the person:

Giorgetta is mainly of Italian descent but came to Australia to work and later changed the economy by giving it a boost in the mid-twentieth century.



Mainly a migrant from Europe, Giorgetta is credited for bringing a boost to the WA economy thanks to his efforts in the mining industry. He was the founding director of the company Equigold and then retired from there as managing director in 2005. He then returned to Equigold as an executive chairman only to retire in 2008 when the company linked up with Lihir Gold.

Coming from Italy, nick brought his hard-working ethics to the Australian mining industry. He worked in multiple mining sectors and companies in Kalgoorlie, after which he developed and successfully managed many gold projects that generated a lot of profit, helping the economy gain strength in the late 1900s.

He has also taken control and managed the construction of a processing plant involved in gold deposits metallurgy. Since then, he has been accredited for making the best gold processing plants due to his ability to focus on extreme detail and precision in his work.

He also was then later anointed as the chairman of Diggers and dealers in 2013, after which he dedicated his time to improve the mining industry. He is credited for bringing gold prices at the record level. He then retired in 2019. He is also accredited for maximizing investors at ASX and has brought mining as a significant part of the Australian economy.

His most significant contribution has been the fact he was the chairman ofKalgoorlie Diggers and Dealers mining forum, which has proved a massive success for all of the mining industry inAustralia. He also has encouraged the youth to uptake and study mining as a subject at universities to understand the field much better.

Before leaving and retiring from the metallurgical industry, he did warn the future impacts and issues the country would have to face when relating mining – that there would be a significant decline in mining engineering, the work of metallurgy, geology, and surveying which should be addressed in some way at least. For this, he said that it was essential to have intelligent and bright students in the industry.

Before retiring, he conducted the last annual Diggers and Dealers meeting, which he made sure was to be one of the best ones so farther made sure his opening set up a positive mood and note on mining. He informed the public how vital mining was for their economy and that Kalgoorlie was a fantastic future for the mining industry. Almost 2500 delegates attended his meeting that year. He then declared handing over his position to WesTrac Group chief executive Jim Walker.

Nick is credited as one of the wealthiest Australians who have made a significant impact on the mining industry. His dedication has been the reason the mining industry gained internal strength and became an integral part of the Australian economy as well. Before retiring, he made sure that the prices of metallurgical substances were high, that investors were willing to invest in this industry and that miners too had a place in the economy. He has also made progress in gold projects, working for companies like Equigold and ore. A simple hard-working man from Europe migrated to Australia for work and made his way to one of the most impactful men in Australia.