Michael Hintze


Michael Hintze.

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Place of Birth, Citizenship, and Residence:Born in China, Australian citizenship, London, UK Residence.

Age:66 years.

Educational Degrees:

Hintze’s educational background is pretty much strong. Having Bachelor degrees in Physics, Mathematics and also in Electrical Engineering makes him a unique from other entrepreneur who studied business. He also got a Masters Degree in Acoustics. Moreover, his entrepreneurial skills came from MBA which he did from Harvard Business School.

Main Achievements:

Having a net worth of approximately $2.9 Billion, Michael Hintze is 13th in the 50 wealthiest persons of Australia, according to the Forbes List of 2019. He occupies 712th position amongst the billionaires of 2020, with 25th spot in and amid the Highest-Earning Hedge Fund managers. He owns the CQS (Hedge Fund Firm) and is its Founder, Group Executive Chairman, and Senior Investment Officer. He is a prized possession of the UK, Russia, and Australia, who have, in turn, presented him with many jeweled distinctions.


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Interesting Tidbits about the Person:

Michael Hintze;

  • Was Born in China,
  • Has Russian Parents,
  • Holds the Citizenship of Australia, and
  • Resides in London, UK.


Michae Hintze is a self-made billionaire and philanthropist. He was born on the 27th of July, 1954 in China, but as the Communist party took over the country, his family fled from Harbin- where they had priorly migrated-to from Russia- and took shelter in Sydney. He was thus brought up there in Australia.

Michael graduated from the Christian Brothers school, studied at the University of Sydney and St. John’s College. He then took part in the Army and three years later, was a Captain.

He left Army and started working for Credit Suisse First Boston and Salomon Brothers in New York, America. In 1999, he established the CQS Hedge Hunt Firm.

It has successfully made him one of the highest-earning gentlemen of England, and it is ever strengthening.

Dorothy Hintze, an American Citizen, is his wife, and with her, he has four children. Michael Hintze is a staunch Roman Catholic, and with his wife, he has been involved in many hefty donations and charities. They have received numerous honorable rewards, orders, distinctions, and memberships for their generosity.


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In 2005, he was awarded the Papal Knighthood. In 2007, Michael founded the MH Premium Farms group (MHPF). Over 40 properties function under it and cover-up 70K Hectares.

For the year 2012, Directional Opportunities Fund was the World’s Third Best large hedge fund. In 2013, Michael was appointed as a member of Order of Australia alongside being honored with a knighthood by Prince of Wales.

Sir Hintze has been gratefully answered for his grand donations to several Art Galleries by naming a Room at National Gallery as “The Dorothy and Michael Hintze Room.” At the Harvard Business School, he is on the Board of the Dean of Advisors.

He is also a member of the Market Practitioners’ Panel of UK’s ‘Fair and Effective Market Reviews.

Mr. Hintze gave up his administration of CQS in 2018, to Xavier Rolet, so as to focus on investments and marketing. But now, Mr. Rolet, too, has stepped down from the position and shall now be serving Michael as the strategic adviser. Both the gentlemen have been in acquaintance since the 1980s, where they worked under Goldman Sachs in New York, America.

Last year, CQS’s assets were the US $20 Billion under Mr.Rolet as the CEO. This was an applaudable result because the record has been seen to have risen 12.5%.

Michael Hintze runs a foundation called Hintze Family Charitable Foundation, which encompasses over 200 Philanthropic causes.