Name: MelaniePerkins

Country: PerthAustralia

Date of birth:

Education: drop out from UWA

Type of business:  Online graphic designing platform

Main achievements:theco-founder of Canva. A $3.2 billion online graphic designing site. She is the youngest entrepreneur to reach her company to a significant status.  Melanie has also made it to the Forbes 30 under 30 this year (2020). Melanie is also one of the youngest tech CEOs.


Melanie has challenged tech giants like Adobe and Microsoft, providing a free online platform for users to design posters, brochures etc. graphically.

Something interesting about the person:

When presenting her idea to her investor Bill Tai, she remembered that to impress someone; you have to imitate them, so she imitated him – doing what he did. Tai was having lunch at the timewith his arm behind his chair, and she did the same. The result? Tai, in the end, introduced her to Silicon Valley investors.


In 2008 Perkins was teaching designing programmers as she was extremely fascinated and interested in it because of studying Communication in university. When teaching design, she felt that the tools she had to use online weren’t the type that would spark innovation or be easy to use. Besides that, it was extremely time-consuming.


Perkins wanted to come up with the idea that would make the designing software’srelaxed and collaborative to use it. In 2008 Perkins decided to apply this concept to the year bookmaking and yearbook making.

This service allowed schools to design and print their yearbooks, which was a massive need at the time. She realized this mainly because her mother was a teacher, too, responsible for forming the yearbooks at her school. It was understood that it was a massive project, and any help in making it easy would launch as a good business idea.

She formed the site with her boyfriend and set off to work in her living room-her first office. Perth and her boyfriend took a loan for their first software to help design yearbooks. In March 2008,Perkins got her first customer, who paid them $100 for forming 250 yearbooks. From then on,Melanie and her boyfriend continued to work on fusion.

Later on,Melanie decided to take part in the WA Inventor of the Year competition in Perth and won as runner-ups. It was there that Melanie met Bill Tai, who would later invest in the making of Canva. After having a meeting with him, she also met Lars Rasmussen, who was an ex google wave lead. Both the meetings turned out a success; however, the period that followed after it was quite severe regarding the equipment of people for the task.

However, after a few years,Perkinsgota chance to contact Cameron Adams, who was a world-class designer and web developer. He was also the founder of Fluent – an email product, and he agreed that he might help her in her project of making Canva. Perkins, her boyfriend Cliff, and Cameron then together attended the MaiTai, a meeting where thousands of technology entrepreneurs and tech innovators meet up at Silicon Valley. It was there that Melanie pitched her idea of Canva to everybody. She later asked Cameron if he would want to work with her in the making of Canva, and he later agreed, which proved of great advantage to her.

After this, she continued to form a pitch for Canva, going to multiple investors. Initially, there were a lot of fails, but in the end, she succeeded, and hence came Canva in 2012 only to be officially launched in August 2013.

Since then, Canva has worked its way to the top, and Melanie has made her way into the only two women to be in Forbes 30 under 30, with her worth being of $1.2 billion. Perkins is one of the most innovative and hardworking women.