Mark Creasy

Name: Mark Creasy


Country: United Kingdom


Date of Birth: 04.10.1944


Education: Bachelors of Mining Engineering (BS)


Type of Business: Mining entrepreneur


Main Achievements: Mark Creasy began practicing mining engineering in the 1960s and, by 2010, had a net worth of around $283 million. As of 2019, he has a net worth of $660 million. He has become Australia’s most successful modern-day gold prospector as a result of having played a large part in some of Western Australia’s most abundant resource finds.


Something interesting about the person:Mark has spent over fifty-five years working in the mining industry alone, and claims he became a gold prospector solely due to being influenced by Jack London novels as an adolescent.


Biography:Mark Gareth Creasy was born on the 4th of October, 1944, as a citizen of the United Kingdom. He began practicing as a mining engineer in the 1960s, after arriving in Australia. Creasy discovered a gold mine near Leinster in Western Australia, in 1991: the Bronzewing Gold Mine. The selling of this mine earned him both $115 million from Great  Central Mines, as well as a mentionin the Guinness Book ofRecords. A decade later, Mark had a running ten-year-long legal battle with his corporate rival, Leith Beal, over Bronzewing South tenements.







In August 2009, Mark joined forces with managing director and CEO Mark Bennet to invest in an exploration firm, Sirius Resources. The company’s first project was the Nova-Bollinger, a low risk, world-class nickel-copper mining project. By mid-2015, Creasy’s stake in the nickel company increased to a value of $600 million, making him amongst the most successful prospectors in Australia. However, the same year he was brought under fire for allegedly ‘warehousing’ essential mineral tenure in Western Australia to block rivals’ exploration plans. Creasy himself denied the allegations. In response, though, a change was brought to WA’s mining laws known by the state parliament as the ‘Creasy Amendment,’ stating tenement warehousing was no longer permissible unless in extenuating circumstances.











In 2016, Sirius Resources was taken over by the Independence Group, which left Mark, the majority stakeholder, with an 18.6 percent shareholding, $75 million in cash, and a 34.6% stake in a spin-out explorer, S2 Resources. At the time, he also had extensive holdings in Windward Resources, Evolution Mining, and Coziron, and, through his investment ventures such as Yandal Investments, a significant stake in Antipa Minerals.


In July 2018, Mark Creasy rankedeleven on WA’s Rich List. He remained committed to making discoveries in the Fraser Range region. In 2019, he was ranked number 149 out of the top 200 on the “Rich List,” as released by the Financial Review. By this point, Creasy had stakes in around 20 ASX listed resource companies, including a 13.76% stake in Ozgrowth, a 26.8% stake in Legend Mining, and a 31.05% stake in Galileo Mining. He also contributed large sums to bettering the landscape of the city of Perth; he funded a stature called Ascalon raised in the Cathedral Square, and floating rocks in fountains at a pedestrian square, Forrest Place. In addition to this, he contributed to the Carlisle projects of DMIRS.Moreover, he also supported the publishing of historical materials and texts about the history of Western Australia.











In October 2018, Mark Creasy issued a statement confirming his plan to make less his mining and exploration business by 30 percent due to unfavorable government regulation. He retained his stake in Galileo Mining but appointed his GM, Brad Underwood, to take over essential administrative tasks. As of now, Creasy remains one of the largest exploration ground holders in the state and continues to give support to smaller mining companies.