Manny Stul


Name:Manny Stul


Date of birth: Born in 1948

Education:Graduated High School

Occupation:Australian Billionaire

Type of business:CEO of Moose Toys

Something interesting about him:Manny Stul’s parents had survived Polish Holocaust survivors.Moreover, his birth took place in a German refugee camp, before his family traveled to Australia after World War 2

Main achievements:He received the award of EY World Entrepreneur of the year in 2016 and was chosen from 55 country winners of 50 countries.

Additionally, he has been serving Moose as a leader for 16 years and even received the title of the best toy sellers in the year 2016 in the United States. His toy line could conveniently ignite children’s imagination. The category of Shopkins scoops ice cream truck received an award of being the girl’s toy of the year in 2016.


A self-made Australian billionaire with a worth of $1 Billion is the CEO of the sixth-largest toy manufacturing company around the globe and fourth in the US called Moose Toys.  In 2019, listed among the 50 wealthiest people in Australia. Moreover, after being born, he flew with his parents to Australia when he was seven months old, where around three years were spent in the Northam refugee camp.  Facing difficulties at an early age, Manny has assembled a vast fortune mainly because of determination, competitive spirit, and, last but not least, grit. Saul is passionate about sports, revealing that the competitive streak was the primary key which led to accomplishments in life. Also, it lays stress up the significance of a sharp and clear value system while establishing an international franchise of how spirituality paved the path to success in later career and life.

Manny Stul is the founder of Skansen Giftware in 1974, leading it to be one of the largest giftware companies in Australia, which was, later on, listen in the Stock exchange in 1993. Also, he earned a fortune after selling giftwares company and investing the money in several ventures, including organic farming before Moose Toys. Moreover, after taking over a struggling company like Moose Toys in 2000, Stul was able to successfully grow the business at a global level. Moreover, the toys manufactured by Moose are famous because of their unique design and development, bringing a smile to the children’s faces.Therefore, these award-winning toys are disrupting the market. In 15 years, Moose has been ranked among the top 10 manufacturers in the US and Australia as Manny managed to increase sales by 7,200%. The employers hired have increased significantly in numbers from 10 to 450. Manny was labeled as EY World Entrepreneur of the year and was the first Australian to receive this title. EY encourages the development of outstanding leaders who deliver according to the preference of the stakeholders.

Moreover, it also plays a critical role in creating a better working environment around the globe for clients, people, and other communities.

Behind his success are his attributes of taking risks, innovation, enjoying his profession, and commitment. Moreover, he also trusts community responsibility and supports philanthropic programs by giving about 10% of his income. Subsequently, after showing resistance towards declaring bankruptcy, Manny’s resilience and tenacity allowed no employee layoffs securing jobs of various individuals with getting approval from both local and international government bodies. To increase trade, agreements were signed with every single distributor around the world, which contributed significantly to helping the business to survive, thrive, and recover during harsh times. Moose also launched Qixels, which is a craftauction activity allowing to make words of different monsters, and much more.