Malcolm Turnbull

Name: Malcolm Turnbull

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: 24th October1954

Education: Graduation in Arts and LLB

Type of Business: Politician, Journalist, Barrister, Entrepreneur, Businessman

Main Achievements: Prime Minister of Australia (2015-2018), Minister of Communications (2013-2015), Minister of Environment (2007), Member of the Australian Parliament (2004-2018)

Something Interesting about the person: Malcolm studied Law from Oxford and paved his way through journalism, business, entrepreneurship to the 29th Hon. Prime Minister of Australia and made history.




Malcolm Bligh Turnbull was born on 24th October 1954, in the outskirts of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This man of excellent capabilities was raised by his father alone after his parents had separated. Malcolm’s stupendous academic conquests started at Vaucluse Public School and Sydney Grammar School. He graduated in Arts and LLB from Sydney University in 1977 and 1978. He acquired a Rhodes scholarship while completing another law degree at the prestigious Oxford University.Malcolm married the daughter of an Australian legal practitioner, Lucy Hughes, on 22nd March 1980. Afterward, they returned to Australia to further strengthen his career.

His arduous yet victorious pathway began with him working as a journalist with The Bulletin, 25M, TCN, and The London Sunday Times.He put his shoulder at work and was successful in vindicating former M15 agent Peter Wright in the ‘spy catcher’ trial, which earned him great respect as an advocate. Turnbull’s attitude showed in the world of business also as he fortuitously established a bank that dealt in commercial loans and investment in 1987, Oz Email in 1994 and  Goldman Sachs, global banking, securities, and investment management firm, in 1997.

Malcolm remained the chairperson of the Australian Republican Movement from 1993 to 2000, which marked his foray into politics. This soon-to-be Prime Minister won a seat in the 2004 election and was selected for the House of Representatives for Wentworth, New South Wales. Turnbull’s unflagging effort was reflected again in 2007 as the Director of Environment and Water Resources. He also kept being re-elected to the House of Representatives for Wentworth in 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.Turnbull was awarded the noble Centenary Medal 1st January 2001.



Turnbull served as the Minister of Communications from 2013 to 2015 during Abbott’s administration, who was then the Prime Minister. However, low-poll opinion ratings beleaguered Abbott’s administrative rule. This prompted Turnbull’s repertoire, and he successfully over-shadowed Abbott and went down as Australia’s 29th Prime Minister and the 4th since 2013.

During his tenure as the prime minister, Turnbull’s policies majorly revolved around climate change, homosexuality, and its legality and republicanism. Another critical role was Malcolm’s reshuffling of the cabinet and increasing the number of women ministers from 2 to 5.

About the politically indecisive asylum seeker policy of Australia, Turnbull made a deal in November 2016, where Australia would admit 1250 refugees from Central America in exchange for the US accepting refugees on Nauru and Manus. In March 2017, a gas and energy crisis hit Australia, and Malcolm surged the production of ‘Snowy Hydro’ by 50% through pumped-storage hydroelectricity. The April 2017’s  LNG reforms of Turnbull’s Govt. to export restrictions on the LNG industry were heavily criticized. It was believed that the policy would be a ripple in the country’s betterment as it would not have any impact on the import/export or nation-wide gas prices.

In August 2018, Peter Dutton, who was the Director of Home Affairs at the time, confronted Turnbull, but to Peter’s dismay, Turnbull defeated him by 48 votes to Dutton’s 35. Till then, tensions had stirred in the Liberal Party after Dutton asked for a second election. Turnbull referred to Dutton and Abbott’s ‘wreckers.’ On 31st August 2018, Malcolm sent a formal notice of resignation to the Speaker of the House of Representatives.



Malcolm has written nine books. His most recent is ‘A Bigger Picture’ which is an autobiography.