Maha Sinnathamby

Name:Maha Sinnathamby


Date of birth:10th December 1939

Education:Civil Engineer

Type of business:Property Owner of Springfield Township

Main Achievements:Australianentrepreneur, innovator, investor, TV personality, and self-made millionaire. He owns one of the biggest town centers in Australia, the more magnificent Springfield township in Queensland. He is a renowned entrepreneur that will soon have the crowning achievement of owning one of the biggest housing schemes in Australia. The Springfield township is expected to span over a large area of 2900 hectares. It will be one of the biggest privately built cities in the world, the biggest in Australia, and at the prime location of just south of Brisbane.

Something interesting about the person: Mr. Maha has led a fascinating life. He was born in Malaysia. His father worked as a plantation worker, and during the second world war, he also served sometime in the Japanese POW camps as well. Maha started from very humble beginnings, and he has managed to work his way to the top as an entrepreneur because of his work skills, combined with his people skills.


Mr. Maha started his operation in Perth in the year of 1972. He focused on small residential settlements and closed gated societies. These were his stepping stone to a life of success. He continued his business as a businessman and civil engineer for some time to come. He combined his business acumen with his work skills, i.e., civil engineering, and worked with a simple work plan. He bought land, made houses on it, and sold them for profit. In 1992, he bought a vast land in the south of Brisbane, in collaboration with his then partner. Bob Sharpless just for 7.2 million dollars. This is where the story of Maha Sinnathamby began. His great journey as an entrepreneur and as a self-made future business tycoon. Mr. Maha spent a lot of time to perfect the infrastructure in his new colony. He worked hard on bringing over the necessities to the people living there. Eventually, he was able to create stable transportation, schooling, and university life here. The colony quickly became a very student-friendly area. Which was a vision of Mr. Maha himself? He knew his humble beginnings, and he wanted his new society to stand for the potential of these new brains. He wanted to help the youngsters of Australia be the best they could be.

Further to prevail his nature as a great businessman, Mr. Maha has made several other vital arrangements in his housing society as well. He has set up a very state of the art hospital to provide health welfare and benefits to the people of the area. A whole area of 52 hectares has been devoted to building a generous health city that is going to give out several healthcare facilities. It will have an old home, a research facility, and a hospital as well. When completed, it will be a great achievement in the colony being created, Mr. Maha.

To add to all this, Mr. Maha has made several joint agreements with the Australian government as well. An IT hub, by the name of the “ideal city,” has been launched in the colony to improve the collaboration between people and the government.

Maha is married with three daughters; he is pleased in his personal life. He is a very keen philanthropist. He has given over 200 million dollars so far in charity. Maha has also always been keen on bringing up new people as well. He has helped many new entrepreneurs grow over the years. He has given out lectures on how to be efficient in your life and make the most success out of your business expertise as an entrepreneur. He is anchored to his primary cause of helping the people and has worked hard in his life to achieve this success that he has now.