Ma Jianrong

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Name: Ma Jianrong

Country: China

Year of Birth: 1965

Education: Schooling and then apprenticeship at the age of 13.

Type of Business: Self-made billionaire and Chairman of the Shenzhou International Holders Group

Main Achievements: Ma Jianrong, through his efforts and hard work, has become the billionaire knitwear supplier of Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Uniqlo. 

Something interesting About the Person: Ma has been working at the age of 13. He started to work with his father in a struggling company and rose to the billion-dollar status that marks its success through Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Uniqlo.


Ma Jianrong, the self-made billionaire, was born in 1965 in Shaoxing, a city rich in cultural heritage, in the Zhejiang province of China. Ma was taken to a textile worker, Baoxing Ma, and would soon carry a world-renowned legacy.

 Ma, like his father, started his apprenticeship in the textile industry at the tender age of 13. It was at the Shaoxing Cotton Mill, Hangzhou Linping Knitting and Garment Plant in China. At that time, China was racing towards globalization. It had seen the future in economic reforms. China commenced these reforms in agriculture, capital market, foreign investment plans, and entrepreneurship. The textile industry was also not neglected, and during the next decade, in the 1990s, textile industries were modernized and upregulated with the lifting of price caps to the privatization of large firms. 

Ma Jianrong benefited from all these reforms, implemented them, and increased his sales, which made him the most successful self-made billionaire in all of China instead of being an heir of a big fortune. Having worked in the textile industry as a trainee, Ma had garnered a vast acumen and expertise in running the business. During this time, Ma’s father started working in a Government based textile plant in Shenzhou in the 1980s. After some time, Ma joined him too. 

The textile plant was in hot waters. The state had not forwarded the approved funds due to which the plant’s future was dwindling. However, Ma and his father made a life-changing decision at that time for them. They decided to take ownership of the textile plant and sail with the then-current privatization. Ma joined the Shenzhou plant as the head of the knitting and weaving department and worked diligently to embed the foundation of a billion-dollar Shenzhou International. He started by collaborating with smaller and mid-sized Japanese clothing brands to sew and sell them the required products. This strategy proved successful, and they were able to generate good revenue, which was further used to strengthen and shape their specialties.  

Shenzhou International’s outstanding repute and product excellence were recognized by international brands, which started working with it. Now, Shenzhou had become a trust-worthy name and it has decided to widen its horizon. Shenzhou increased the manufacturing of products and unified the production chain, which attracted even more businesses.

Today, Shenzhou, under the powerful and strategic leadership of Ma, manufactures textiles for the giants such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Uniqlo. 75% of the capital Shenzhou generates comes from international markets alone, with Ma being the chairman. The company also produces and sells embroiders, dyes, finishes, cuts, and sews knitwear. Shenzhou’s 12% of contracts come from Nike and Adidas, 14% from Uniqlo, and 30% from Puma. Shenzhou International was made public in 2005, and since then, it is working tirelessly to provide the world with the best knitwear. Its headquarters are in Ningbo, China. It is also involved in the printing and sale of knitwear, retail and trade, quality control of garments and other products, and import and export of its manufactured material. 

In addition to textiles, Ma also has a fondness for politics. He is a deputy to the People’s Congress of Zhejiang province. Ma has also been rewarded for his philanthropy work with reputable awards such as the ‘Charity Model of Ningbo’ and ‘ Prize for Outstanding Charity Contribution in China.’ 

According to Forbes, Ma Jianrong’s net worth as of 2020 is 7.5 Billion USD.