Ma Huateng known as Pony Ma

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Name: Ma Huateng known as Pony Ma

Country: China

Date of Birth: 28.10.1971

Education: In 1993, graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Shenzhen University in China 

Type of business: Founder of Tencent

Something interesting: The Company Tencent has stakes in Telsa, which is an electric car maker company, Spotify, which is a music streaming service and the parent company of Snapchat i.e., Snap Inc.

Main achievements: Pony Ma obtained various honors and accolades during his prominent career consisting of top ten annual economics figures of the year, young global leader, 30 world’s best founders, ranked at the top of the IT rich list and monthly China rich list, Also, he was on the fifth rank of Forbes wealthiest businessman of China in 2013 with an increase observed from 39 Billion to 62.2 Billion Yuan.  


CEO of Tencent Holdings, Pony Ma, is the wealthiest businessman of China, with $44.9 Billion net worth as stated by Ceo world magazine’s wealthiest men list for the year 2020. Pony Ma, also known as Ma Huateng, founded the company Tencent in 1998, which is an internet giant based in China and is ranked amidst the most exceptional businesses throughout the nation according to their respective market cap. Moreover, Tencent launched an application WeChat which is an all-purpose application designed for messaging, mobile payment, and social media released in the year 2011. Moreover, WeChat has become famous by 2018, having a total of 1 Billion active users per month. In December 2018, Tencent Music was listed on the New York stock exchange by the group as a subsidiary of music streaming. Facebook is trying to emulate its success by adapting to the latest features of Wechat, which is a super app designed to order food pay bills, books, and play games, etc. Complimenting Pony’s engineering background, he has a style that is low profile in comparison with his rival Alibaba.

Furthermore, Ma had political involvement as he was the deputy of 5th Shenzhen municipal people congress, also serving in the 12th national people congress. The relationship between the Chinese communist party and Pony Ma came under scrutiny at various times because Tencent dominated the messaging network and dominance. Furthermore, in 1988 after America Online escorted ICQ, an arbitration was filed in opposition to Tencent with the National arbitration forum in the United States declaring OICQ’s website and brand names were violating the terms of ICQ’s trademark. As a result, Tencent wasn’t able to win the case; thus, they had to renounce the names of the domain. Thus, the name of the software was changed to QQ in December 2000 by Pony. After the case got closed, Pony made a decision to expand the portfolio of his business. Tencent hence, in 2003, he delivered his personal portal to pave a way into the world of online gaming. By the year 2004, Tencent to able to hold around 74 percent of the market and became the most magnificent instant messaging service of China, which listed the company on the stock exchange of Hong Kong. Additionally, Pony was declared the wealthiest people in the Chinese telecom industry after the company was able to raise an amount worth $200 Million in IPO for the month of June. Tencent initiated selling of virtual goods and establishing an online gaming platform to support the games which were to be published on the platform, including ringtones and emoticons.

Since 1988, Pony Ma is the Executive director, chairman of the board directors, and principal founders of Tencent. The job description of Pony includes overseeing the strategic development and managing the overall functions of the group. Subsequently, before Tencent was established, Pony was the head of research and development at China motion telecom development limited, which is a telecommunication provider of services and products, for internet paging system. Moreover, his work experience consists of twenty years’ experience in the Internet and Telecommunication industry. His success story provides guidance to every businessman to follow his path to build the giant they dream of.