Lu Jun

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Name: Lu Jun

Country: China

Date of birth: 19.03.1959

Education: —

Type of business: Lu Jun is the chief owner of Yirenping Company based in China.

Something interesting: Lu was sporty and loved Soccer and Football in particular.

Main achievements: The major successes of Lu Jun included being listed as the referee of the year twice by the football confederation of Asia, which was of immense significance and gratitude to him.


Lu Jun is an association football and soccer referee who belongs to China. Talking about the family members, Lu Jun has a daughter named Lu Shi. Lu’s professional experience included refereeing in 200 of the domestic league’s matches throughout his career with determination by providing the team with guidance to be able to perform better in their future matches. Under his supervision, the team played two matches in the tournament of FIFA World Cup 2002 held in Japan and South Korea. 

Additionally, one match was between the United States and Poland located in Daejon whereas, the second one was between Mexico and Croatia in Niigata. Lu Jun supervised the FIFA women’s world cup of 1991 held in China, the Olympics of 2000 and FIFA confederations cup in South Korea and Japan. Lu Jun was accused of match-fixing and taking bribe accompanied by two more referees in 2010; hence, he was arrested immediately. Also, in 2003 Lu accepted the charges of accepting a bribe to fix the results of about seven games played so, faced a fine in February 2012 of $128,000 along with incarceration of five and a half years. 

The bribes taken by Lu Jun consisted of four different clubs, involving Shanghai Shenhua, the club which had recently signed Nicolas Anelka, a French soccer star. Lu Jun was among the top football referees in China before his sentence to jail, along with nine other individuals convicted with the same charges of spreading corruption across the Chinese Football.  An investigation was initiated to straighten out the recent turn of events, which led to the defendants being caught and arrested by the police. Despite being the first referee to supervise the World cup matches and known as the ‘Golden Whistle’ because of his excellent skills, he was charged although few cases on him are still pending. 

The three other referees that got arrested were Huang Junjie, Wan Daxue, and Zhou Weixin, who faced a sentence of seven, six ad three and a half years respectively for match-fixing. The ex-manager of Super League (a company receiving finances by China’s football and soccer clubs and administration to be able to operate the domestic flight competitions of the flight), Lu Feng was sentenced for bribery to six and a half years. A total of sixty players (local), coaches and referees were interrogated by putting them on trial in December which prolonged for two years to overcome the issue of match-fixing, the country has been facing in soccer since, a long period.

Moreover, soccer in China has been subjected to corruption and scandals of match-fixing for many years, which involved off and on-pitch violence, causing fans to deviate from the domestic games. Before the match between Shanghai Shenhua and Shanghai International started, a previous official of the association of Football, Zhang Jianqiang, called Lu, asking him to put an end to the game in favor of Shanghai Shenhua. If he is successful in doing so, the commissions will pay him huge sums of money and other referees involved if the team wins, bribing them to do what they wished for on 9thNovember 2003.

Moreover, there was a live broadcast of the match on television, which caused problems for the referees to favor each other. Thus, later on, Lu confessed that he treated the Shenhua players less strictly and provided them with emotional care as well.  Soccer players and insiders want an end to the anti-corruption mechanism so that gambling and match-fixing can be guarded effectively by implementing the initiative planned to be taken to ban illegal activities in China.