Lu Han

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Name: Lu Han

Country: China

Date of Birth: 20.04.1990

Education: He graduated from middle school from Beijing Shida School along with the Beijing Haidian boarding school of the foreign language. After this, as an exchange student Han attended the University of Yonsei.

Type of Business: Representative of EXO

Something interesting about the person: Lu Han has interest in animation, art, video games, computers, water sports, racket sports, nature sports, basketball, baseball, football, music, concerts/clubs, television, animals, travel, and singing.

Main achievements: Lu’s major achievements include the conference of Baidu Moments in the year 2014, where he received the award of the male star of the year. Subsequently, the popular idol award of Asia was also won by him at the Iqiyi award show complimented by the person of the year award gained by young choice awards of Tudou. Making it to the 37th rank on the most earning celebrities list by Forbes was successful for him. Additionally, Han earned an all-rounder award along with being awarded on his music album due to him winning the hearts of people, making him the favorite artist of the following year at the fourth V chart awards. Moreover, Lu earned the most popular actor award and newcomer of the year at the Beijing award festival, which showed his huge fan base and how talented Lu was. Lastly, in 2016 Han received the best singer (male) award on his album reloaded at QQ music awards.


Lu Han is a Chinese actor and singer who was born on 20th April 1990, belonging from the district of Beijing, China. Being passionate about acting, in 2008, auditioned for Chinese global auditions by JYP Entertainment but wasn’t selected or cast for it. However, when he was receiving education in Seoul, Lu was recommended by a casting agent from S.M Entertainment to audition for the annual S.M casting system of the company, which proved to be successful, so, in 2011, Han joined EXO. For two years, Lu Han was a trainee, and by 8th April 2012, debuted with the EXO group where the second member was revealed.

EXO had a total of twelve members, and Lu was amongst them to be publically introduced formally on 27thDecember 2011. On 29th December 2011, Lu, along with Chen, Tao, and Kai, performed on the television for the first time on SBS’s Gayo Daejun event while he was attending the Seoul Institute of Arts doing a major in Applied Music. A lawsuit was filed by Lu on 10th October 2014 against SM entertainment in order to void the contract partly because; Korean members were treated especially compared to Chinese and due to several health reasons. Hence, the recent turn of events enabled Lu to start his solo career as a celebrity.

The lawsuit against SM entertainment got completed in 2016 when Kris and Han united in agreeing their terms of the contract that were valid and would run till 2022 so that they can make a departure from the team of EXO.  Although Han had the option to sign contracts with the third party until they reside outside of Korea and now had to share the profits with SM entertainment. The huge online popularity of Lu helped him achieve the second spot on the Forbes list of top celebrities in China, which mentioned an estimated worth of $31 Million in revenue, salary, and endorsements till June 30.

Moreover, the total amount of revenue 100 celebrity list of China-made tripled by the amount to $1.6 billion compared to the previous list of 2015. Lu Han starred in several television shows and reality shows, which were even broadcasted online in 2016 to further improve his base. Moreover, his film projects consisted of few projects that were super hits and stayed on the top of the box office charts for a specified time period, including historical, action, and adventure and fantasy movies such as time raiders, which made him popular. Lu Han still lives in the hearts of every individual of China because of his heart touching songs and exceptional acting skills.