Lou Divirgilio

Name: Lou Divirgilio

Country: Australian

Type of Business: Transport and Logistics

Main achievements: Co-founder of DVG automotive and Managing Director at Ldv projects owns the second biggest car dealing company in Western Australia

Something interesting about the person: Lou Divirgilio established his company from scratch and managed to become of the largest automotive dealers in Perth.


Lou Divirgilio is an Australian businessman. He was the co-owner of the company DVG along with his six brothers Dominic Divirgilio, john Divirgilio, Michael Divirgilio, David Divirgilio, Stephen Divirgilio, and Robert Divirgilio. The company was established in 1994 by Divirgilio brothers and later had grown to become one of the largest automotive dealers in Perth. Perth is the capital of Western Australia. Lou Divirgilio and his six brothers founded DVG in Maddington in 1994 by buying a small used car yard. Lou Divirgilio is the eldest brother and acted as the managing director of the DVG Company. Each of the other brothers managed the metropolitan area. In 2017, the turnover of the DVG company was 308 million$. The Divirgilio brothers own land in Embleton, Midland, Myaree, Maddington, Morley, and Wangaratta. While Maddington is the place where the Divirgilio family manages their service operations and sales of cars they own.

In 2015, Lou Divirgilio, the managing director of the company DVG automotive, sold the majority of its shares to a Japanese company for 120.6$ million. The company, owned by Lou Divirgilio, faced a setback because of the weak car market in Western Australia. The Japanese company had a deal of 67% with the Divirgilio family. Two brothers Lou Divirgilio and Dominic Divirgilio, out of six of the brother, remains to continue their directorial roles at DVG automotives. In one of his interviews, Lou Divirgilio said that over the last 20 years, his journey in DVG automotives along with his brothers, has been incredible. He said that he was pleased that now the company would see new heights of success. He wished the new owners a piece of excellent luck. The company IDOM dealt with used car business in Japan.

Some of the most important sites of DVG Automotives include Nissan, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Melville Fiat Chrysler, Isuzu Ute, Burswood Honda, Perth Iyeco, and Nissan, Midland Toyota, Morely Kia, Holden, and Hyundai. The Japanese company Gulliver bought 67% of shares of the parent company of DVG Automotives, the company’s name was Buick Pty Ltd. As the DVG group of companies dealt with used and new cars in West Australia, the Japanese company Gulliver bought DVG to expand its business from used to new cars. The DVG Company covered deals of 25 used and new cars in Perth, Western Australia.

After the deal was finalized in 2015, the Divirgilio brothers collected millions of dollars every year, so that their exquisite landholding on which the DVG business operates could be retained. In 2017, the Japanese group IDOM to which the DVG Company was sold took over the DGV Company’s routine running. They appointed Takayoshi Udagawa as chief executive. Takayoshi Udagawa replaced Lou Divirgilio as chief executive of DGV automotives. However, Lou Divirgilio remained as the chairman of the board. Mr. Lou Divirgilio, in one of his interviews, said that this move would be good for the expansion of the company in the international platform. The owner of the Japanese company IDOM also known as Gulliver, introduced new concepts in the company. These concepts were already applied in his home market. i.e., Japan included subscription ownership.

After Mr. Lou Divirgilio was removed from his position, Mr. Tony Salerno was appointed as the new officer of chief operations in DVG Company. Lou Divirgilio, who was the managing director of DVG at that time, in one of the emails to his staff disclosed that Tony Salerno has now been appointed as the new officer of chief operations in DVG Company. In his email, Lou Divirgilio expressed his opinion about Tony Salerno. According to him, Tony Salerno is a man of incredible passion, who has experience of over 30 years about automobiles. The plan of DVG Company, according to Lou Divirgilio, includes its expansion from WA.