Lloyd Williams


Name: Lloyd Williams

Country:Melbourne, Australia

Date of birth:07.05.1940

Education:Received education from Xavier College in Melbourne

Occupation:Australianproperty developer

Type of Business:Owns Crown’s Casino

Something interesting:Lloyd Williams had an interest in horse racing as winning the Melbourne cups from an early age, which has proven to be the reason behind his successful wins in the Melbourne cups. Subsequently, it emphasizes breeding racehorses as well.

Main achievements:His main achievements consist of him winning Melbourne cups five times since 1981, along with running six horses as well. Accompanied by his children and wife, Suzie, Williams won the most prestigious race of Australia, Melbourne cup for five times topped in the years 1981, 1985, 2000, 2007, 2012, and 2016. In the year 2000, he and his partner invited around 200,000 pounds to race.


Lloyd J Williams, in an Australian businessman and property developer who had a significant interest in horse racing who owns Entertainment complex and Melbourne crown casino, which is among the most significant casinos Melbourne has, set up in 1944 in the Victoria state of Melbourne.  The majority of the interests Lloyd has were sold by him to broadcasting and publishing limited and few other entities in 1999, which had any sort of association with the Parker family.  Williams, along with David Gonski, is the co-executors of Late Kerry Packer estate. The company’s male heir’s middle name was after William out of respect of his late father, therefore, referred to as Jackson Lloyd packer. Born in Melbourne,

Llyod Williams started making money in the field of real estate, later on as a property developer of his company called Hudson convey which paved the way for him to establish crown Melbourne casino in the memory of his deceased partner, Kerry Packer. It was not only Lloyd’s dream, but his fellow partner wanted to win Australia’s biggest race since childhood. Lloyd’s family managed their business that had investments in several properties in Melbourne and is currently run by his son, Nick. Due to all the hard work done to create a fortune, his net worth is $570 Million, which includes him in the list of wealthiest people in Australia. Soon after Almandin won in 2016, Llyod revealed that he belongs from a Catholic family who is pure alcoholics and illegal bookmakers. He could still remember being mesmerized by Melbourne cups, as since childhood, he used to listen to them on the wireless that showed his passion for it.  William earned a fortune by establishing apartments in the suburbs of Australia, whereas a name building in the form of a casino was established in the 1990s. A residential skyscraper was proposed by Hudson Conway with a height of more than the apartments of Chevron being redeveloped. Subsequently, Lloyd earned $1.48 Million when he sold a property of Ascot Vale, whose front had an image of a house whereas, from the back, it fitted out to be as stable at the rear end. Moreover, the wounded down activities related to construction by also taking his Hudson Conway private in the year of 2002. Llyod William owns about 120 hectares or 300 acres of stable put up outside Melbourne, which makes him one of the most significant owners of thoroughbred racehorses of Australia and has won the Melbourne cup several times having the support of his family. His long timeline of victories is a perfect reflection of the evolution of racing in Australia, along with his successful journey to achieve what he was passionate about.

It is not about the number of wins Lloyd has, which gives him the label of the most significant owner and trainer; it is the fact that the persistent chasing for wins has become significant and iconic in the cup’s 156-year history.  Lloyd, along with his son Nick collaborates to ensure the quality of the horses by investing in those horses, which can be lined up in November of the following year. Also, investing tens of billions of Australian dollars in the European bred stayers is considered as an extraordinary measure.