Liu Yang

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Name: Liu Yang

Country: China

Date of birth: 06-10-1878

Education: Aviation graduate 

Occupation: Pilot/ astronaut 

Main Achievements: Liu Yang is famous for being the first woman astronaut from China who was sent to space. She was a member of the Shenzhou-9 mission that was targeted to meet and dock with the space module, Tiangong 1. The incredibly inspiring lady was a part of the delegation sent to CDF from the China Manned Space Agency on 5th October 2012. 

Something interesting about Liu Yang: The fascinating personality possesses the talent to speak eloquently and is fond of cooking. She is also known to be passionately involved in reading, particularly history books and novels, validating her connection with Henan province. 


Liu Yang was born in Zhengzhou, the capital of the Henan province of China. She completed her graduation in Aviation from People’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation (PLAAFA) College, situated in Changchun. She serves as an astronaut and pilot in her country. At the age of 41, she occupied the position of a major in the Air Force of China. She has the honor of being the first Chinese woman to visit space. In her childhood, Yang was fascinated to become a lawyer, inspired by the ones she watched on TV. Young Yang liked the idea of becoming a bus conductor when traveling on a bus with her mother for the first time. She was excited to be able to ride the bus daily. However, right after graduating from high school, the veteran pilot started being fascinated by the sky. She was then motivated by one of her teachers to pursue a career in aviation. 

Yang received the training to fly transport planes. During an incident when a flock of birds struck her plane, leading into disabling one of her plane’s engines, she displayed complete self-control and stayed calm under immense pressure. She became a part of the army in the year 1997. Since then, Yang has accumulated the experience of flying for 1,680 hours. In 2001, she joined the Communist Party of China. Yang occupied the position of PLA’s flight unit’s deputy head. However, she was recruited as a prospective astronaut in the year 2010. She received regular training for two years, which helped her adapt to the space environment and gain the required skill set. She then got selected for the astronaut corps with Wang Yaping, another woman candidate. 

On the messaging service of China Tencent QQ, she is addressed as ‘little Flying Knight.’ The woman with glorious achievements shared that since the beginning, she was told that she was no different from her male colleagues. The astronaut turned pilot further shared her feelings associated with flying into space by stating that as a pilot, she flew in the sky, and as an astronaut, she had to soar even higher and further. The inspirational personality clung to perseverance and dedication to achieve her goals. She also sacrificed her family time to fulfill her commitment to her training. However, she received immense support and motivation from her husband. 

Yang got selected for the Shenzhou space mission along with Liu Wang and Jing Haipeng, who was the first Chinese astronaut to repeat space travel. The mission to the Chinese space station, Tiangong-1, was launched on 16th June 2012. It was 49 years after Valentina Tereshkova from Russia, the first female astronaut, was launched. Yang performed the duty of carrying out experiments related to space medicine during the mission. 

Yang is known to be a remarkable speaker and has won several accolades for her eloquent speaking. She is also known to be a quick and impressive learner. She started her aerospace training later than her male colleagues; however, she succeeded in completing all of her scheduled courses right before the Shenzhou-9 mission.