Liu Qiangdong

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Name: Liu Qiangdong

Country:  China

Date of Birth: 10.03.1973

Education:  Graduated from European international business school, and the Renmin University of China with the degree of Bachelors in Science.

Something Interesting: Since an early age, Liu Qiangdong had an interest in Politics. 

Type of business: CEO of one of the greatest e-commerce industry in China, Jingdong Mall

Main Achievements: Major achievements of Liu include him being listed in China’s wealthy list in 2013 by Hurun, being ranked at 257th having a net worth of $1.06 Billion (USD). Subsequently, when started to grow and become successful, his net worth increased to $6.1 Billion (USD) which is currently $9.4 Billion (USD)


Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur having a net worth of $9.4 Billion (USD) who goes by the name Richard Liu as well. Liu got married to Zhang in 2015 and has two children with her. The uncommon age difference between the two led them to gain immense popularity among the public, which increased speculations. Liu confirmed his relationship in 2014, resulting in their marriage on 8th August 2015 in Beijing. Firstly, Liu established a retail shop in 1988, which got shut down after six years and got converted into an online business. He is the chairman, chief executive, and founder of the e-commerce giant situated in China, Moreover, he was arrested with the charges of sexual misconduct in August 2018, but due to certain events, after investigation, the charges were not pursued by the country’s attorney. Jingdong has Wallmart and Tencent are alliances of, which in return stakes in the company. 

Moreover, there is a focus on the delivery of various models of drones being developed to facilitate the shipping of packages to the rural areas to widen the customer market. Self-motivation, tenacity, and the drive to put set goals into achievements cannot be obtained by every start-up, but the success story of Liu and his company is an incredible example despite the uncertain conditions of retail. Liu Qiandong was born to coal shipping parents in China; Liu acknowledged the educational value and worked to achieve success in school as well.  Liu got enrolled in the degree of Sociology at the People’s University of China, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in the respective field. 

However, during that period he enhanced his skills in computer studies and further pursued the same field by studying independently. In 2003, the SARS outbreak raised, which caused clients and staff of JD to stay at home, forcing Liu to think again about the business model to shift it online. Due to his flexible nature and the ability to foresee the retail forecast as an owner of the business, allowing the determined goals to be achieved. 

One of the major successes of Liu includes the ability to turn a small business into a household name efficiently.  In 2004, Liu established the first online retail website which got closed the next year after which, it was converted to an e-commerce business. Moreover, the company became a real e-commerce giant in 2014, facing extreme growth rates, increasing customer loyalty and base, enjoying a wide reach span globally because of In addition, JD has a huge customer base of around 300 Million users who are facilitated with the delivery option of having the goods delivered on the same day or next day that can be conveniently accessed by 1 Billion populations. 

Jingdong is every customer’s favourite shopping facility which provides a wide range of products starting from freshly produced to high-end clothing, available for Millions of customers. Concluding this, there has been a strict focus on ensuring the product quality to continue growing along with creating strong and healthy relationships with other giants of the respective industry. Lastly, the company is still aiming to expand its services worldwide to new regions and customers so that the business is recognized in other areas to maximize the profits of the company.