Liu Chuanzhi

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Name: Liu Chuanzhi

Country: China

Date of Birth: 29.04.1944

Education: Graduated from Xidian University

Type of Business: Owner of Lenovo

Something Interesting: His interests are tech-related, to create something innovative and up to date.

Main achievements: Lenovo started its operations under Legend’s name in 1990. Liu enabled IBM PCs to acknowledge Chinese characters when Lenovo developed a circuit board which proved to be a huge success. Moreover, his staff members consisted of scientists who did not know business which led to the company struggling. In order to inculcate business ethics in the organization, Liu was able to implement harsh measurements. Lenovo was also listed in the stock exchange in 1994.


Liu Chuanzhi was born in Zhenjiang, Shanghai in 1944 with a Han nationality. Moreover, he is the chairman and owner of the Lenovo group who started his business in 1984 with a loan of the amount of $24,000 from the Chinese government. He is married to Gong Guoxing and has two children with her. In 1966, Liu graduated from the Xian Institute of Engineering, later on, worked as a senior engineer. Also, Chuanzi researched for the Chinese academy of sciences for computing technology institute and also in the fourth division of the 10th academy under the commission of national defence, technology and industry, and science. Furthermore, the new technology development company was established by Liu and his colleagues in 1984 that was from the computing technology institute. Legend computer limited was established in 1988 through joint funding by two organizations and NTD who invested $300,000 HK each respectively to form the group. Additionally, in 1997 the merger occurred between a Beijing based legend and Hong Kong-based legend in which Liu had the responsibility of executing and forming the long term strategy of the group. Due to excellent leadership, strategic management, and execution, Liu was given the position of the all-china federation of commerce and industry so that the finest management theories are applied effectively to create a global brand that is based in China.

Liu was declared as China’s man of reform along with the model of the national workforce in the year 1995.  Subsequently, he was also listed among the twenty-five most influential executives at a global level in 2005. Besides that, after the foundation of six years, the company started its operations in 1990, gaining success, and climbing to the top of the list in 1996 surpassed the highly reputed IBM. Conversely, Liu had faith in the young generation as he considered them talented and energetic enough to pave the way to success by bringing more innovation and technology to the company. Therefore in the 1990s, Legend had the majority of the staff members from the young age group.  

The company’s success started when the Pentium II processor was developed, which proved the unique selling point of the company, which gives them an edge over the competitors. Hence, the organization proved successful by being declared as the greatest PC manufacturing company in 2004. After two years, in 2006 Legend’s name was replaced by Lenovo group which widened its market into Europe and the United States where the name Legend was previously trademarked hence, had to alter it. One of the major achievements of Lenovo Company is that it was the first-ever company that joined Olympic games sponsorship which was held in 2006 at Turin, Italy.  Lenovo Foundation is a project of Lenovo, previously known as the Motorola mobility foundation whose main objective is to provide commercial, innovative customer and data technology. The main objective is to harness the talent and expertise of their vast employees, making the foundation relatively more impactful, resourceful, and relevant. It initiated the STEM education program, which increased the access of education to a diverse population that empowered employees and other communities globally to bridge the gap between rich and poor. Therefore, due to sufficient efforts, Lenovo is now the second greatest computer group around the globe.