Lindsay Fox


Name: Lindsay Fox

Country: Australia

Date of Birth: April 13, 1937

Education: High School Drop-out

Type of Business: Logistics, Real Estate


Main Achievements: Australian entrepreneur, logistics tycoon, and a self-made billionaire. He owns Linfox, Australia’s most prominent private logistics firm. He owns Essendon and Avalon airports. He also owns the Luna Park and the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.






Something Interesting about the person: He is a self-made billionaire who started with a single truck.



Lindsay Edward Fox was born in Australia, in the precincts of Prahran, Melbourne. Little is known about his parents or siblings, but is well established is this entrepreneur’s worldly acknowledged success story. He completed his early education from Prahran State School and further went to Melbourne High school, but due to lack of scholastic heed, he dropped out at the age of 16. His fondness for working independently with the degree of experience paid off, and the first brick he laid in his endeavors was buying his first truck at the age of 19 for 400 pounds, which would lay the milestone for a billion-dollar business. He bought his second truck at the age of 23 when he hired his first employee. And since then, he has never looked back.

He married Paula Grace Peele in 1959 and has six children.In addition to his business repertoire, Fox was inherently fond of football. Fox became the president of the Saints in 1979. Between 1959-1961, he played 20 games as a ruckman.

The truck driver-turned-billionaire started by transporting coal in briquettes in winter and soft drinks in summer on the first truck he bought. The advent of his famous catchphrase, ‘You are passing another Fox,’ came with his second pair of wheels that he bought the following year. The first two years of his business were slow-paced, with the new plant spreading its ever-growing roots. In 1958, Fox signed a contract with the soft drink manufacturer Schweppes and the Fox convoy stretched to 10 trucks.

This aficionado now got off the wheels to drive and manage his expanding business by hiring six new employees. Soon after, an indenture was signed with the Tyre Giant Dunlop and Coles, who remain loyal customers to date. In 1966, the expanding fleet of Lindsay Fox Cartage was renamed Linfox Transport Pty Ltd.

The first largest single order Linfox received was from the English brewing company Courage Brewery, and these red, yellow, black trucks flourished to 60. The 1970s was a decade of discernible business sprouting for Fox.He collaborated with the top Australian brands in the retail and wholesale sectors. One of the significant developments was a partnership with Coca Cola and the start of a nationwide supply of soft drink products. Linfox also allied with retail giant Woolworths and further strengthened its genesis.

In the 1980s, Linfox was already rooting for new continents and had become a fully integrated supply chain provider. The first outreach advancement started in Shanghai, China, and afterward, New Zealand. Linfox’s trucks also contributed heavily to the construction of the new parliament house building in Canberra by transporting concrete beams.

The new decade began with a more significant opportunity and responsibility, the logistics for the Sydney Olympic Games and Linfox was a proud winner at it. Now the largest privately owned logistics company had paved its way into the markets of India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In 2009, Linfox, with its employees, helped in aid of the victims of Victoria’s Black Saturday Bushfires by the provision of medical and financial support.

In 2010, the global market was facing an economic descent, but Linfox was still peaking in its career as the demand for chocolate, biscuits, ice-cream, beverages boosted. Fox,after forming an evidently successful company, has left the management of day-to-day operations to his sons.