Lin Dan

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Name: Lin Dan

Country: China

Date of birth: 14.10.1983

Education: Masters Degree.

Type of business: Badminton Player

Main Achievements: Has a record of having more than 666 titles.

Something interesting about the person: Lin Dan has five tattoos on his shoulder. 


Lin Dan is known as one of the best Chinese badminton player (Singles). He was born In China on 14th October 1983. During his childhood, Lin’s parents supported him to be a pianist, and he learned to play it by his parents, but he chose badminton over it.  

He started his first practice at the age of five and won his first championship at the age of 12 known as the National Junior Championship. After winning the award, Lin was approached by the Liberation Army sports team. At the age of 18, Lin was listed as the Chinese National Player. 

Lin was a man who never wanted his personal life to be exposed in front of the media; he started dating Xie Xinfang in 2003, who herself is known to be a former champion. Xia when an interview, in the beginning, didn’t reveal the secret of her and Lin engaged, but later on, she told the public about their engagement. Lin did not like Xia’s act of making their engagement as public news, and he reacted angrily to it.  

The two got married on the 23rd of September in 2012.  After the London Olympics Lin did not participate in any matches because of his wedding, they now have a son. During the pregnancy period of Xia Lin claims that he had an affair with one of the models, with whom later he ended things up.

Lin has almost five tattoos on his shoulder. The tattoos were visible during his matches in the Olympic 2012. The first tattoo on his arm represents the Christianity cross which he got tattooed in the loving memory of his grandmother. One tattoo represents his award “ Grand Slam”, he also has a tattoo on his right upper arm which represents the English song “ Until the world ends”. He got a tattoo of his wife’s nickname Fang fang as FF on the lower part of his arm. And got his initials tattooed behind the neck.

Lin started his career at a very young age, and because of that, Lin had very little time to focus on his education but still managed to get a degree. He said that he was always on training and having matches which gave him very little time to study.

Lin Dan says that he got his Master’s degree in while he was a successful badminton player. As he was always participating in different national tournaments, he hardly had time to focus on his education. Later in an interview, Lin says that he completed his Master’s degree and did his thesis in badminton.

In a match with Peter Lin was given the nickname “Super Dan” which he lives up to by the number of awards and medals won. Lin has a fiery temper, and for that, he is known as the Bad boy. The temper issue boy, and by being the best in badminton as well, it makes him somehow the best in what he is.

 Lin has won many medals and championships. He held the record of having Olympic championship twice, he won the world championship five times, and all England championship six times. He has won more than 66 matches and has a record of having more than 20 runners up awards.

Lin won 6 individual titles in the year 2006. He has a record of winning the award” Eddie Choong Player” for two consecutive years i.e2006 2007 and is known to be the most valuable player in the Asian Games.

In an interview, Lin said that attending any social welfare events or visiting the orphans could help him in building his future career.