Liang Wengen

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 Name: Liang Wengen 

Country: China

Date of Birth: 1st January 1956

Education: BA 

Type of Business: Industrial Entrepreneur 

Main Achievements: Chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, topped the Hurun Rich List 2010, received the 2005 CCTV Economic Figures Awards, topped the list of 400 Richest Chinese by Forbes, member of the Communist Party of China, member of 18th NPC Committee and 17th NPC Committee. He was announced as the “National Model Worker,” “National Excellent Private Entrepreneur,” “Outstanding Builder of Socialist Causes with Chinese Characteristics,” CCTV China’s Economic Figure of the Year,” “The Best Boss of China’s Listed Companies” and “Pioneer of China New Manufacturing” by Forbes Magazine.

Something interesting about the person: The reason why Liang Wengen so ardently wanted to join the communist party was that he believed that the member of the communist party has prettier wives than the rest of the party members. He wanted to have a pretty wife. 


From working in the state-run plant of arms to becoming the richest man of China, Liang Wengen is a self-made billionaire who was born in Lianyuan in the province of Hunan. He belonged to a low-income family whose occupation was the peasantry. Liang went to Central South University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree. Before getting involved in the construction equipment industry, he started working as a top manager at a state arms plant. In the 1980s, with the help of three other partners, Liang established Sany Group. Around then, it was the leading Chinese organization to lead a structure change of split offer, and it internationalized itself by setting up abroad acquisitions. He quit his state-run firm post in 1986 and tried his luck is trading ships but gained nothing from it. It was a failure, he then tried working on several other businesses, but none of them had any positive outcome for him. He even tried making wine and starting a business out of it but failed like every other time. Hence, after failing this many times, he shifted his focus on the heavy industries.

Liang Wengen, along with his friends Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu, and Yuan Jinhua, founded Hunan Lianyuan Welding Material Factory in Lianyuan, China. Two years later, the company’s name was changed to Hunan Sany Group Co., Ltd., and its headquarters was moved to Changsha. Hunan Sany Group Co., Ltd. was then divided into Hunan Sany Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Hunan Sany Materials Industry Co., Ltd. The company executed its split offer structure pilot, influencing China’s equity division reform. Sany Heavy Industry kept on covering milestones and achieving success throughout the coming years. Currently, the company has built 25 manufacturing bases. It has over a hundred offices with more than four hundred agents and eight thousand suppliers worldwide. Seven industrial parks have been established in China by Sany Industry. Due to global R&D centers and manufacturing bases in countries like the United States and Germany, Sany Industry exports its products in more than 150 countries in the world. The company was given the “Outstanding Achievement Honor in Globalization” among Chinese enterprises in the year 2015. Ever since Liang Wengen founded the company, his foremost goal was to build a first-class enterprise, which brings up the first-class talent, making the best contribution to humanity. The company’s chairman Liang Wengen owns more than 20% of the company. Liang Wengen is now sixty-four years old, residing at Changsha with his family. He holds the Chinese citizenship and is a member of the excellent entrepreneur list. He is regarded as the most significant entrepreneur of all time. He has been ranked the wealthiest Billionaire and member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in his century. All this success has made Liang a well off businessman. Liang is serving as a professor at Hunan University as well. His son Liang Zaizhong, who received his education from the UK, is a board director at Sany Heavy Industry and his the current chairman of Sany Heavy Equipment International. Liang Wengen’s estimated net worth is 7.2 billion dollars.